Christmas Scene

Christmas Bubble is a low angst, standalone, Christmas novel featuring a petite but larger-than-life cheerleader, an older demisexual football coach and a winter cabin by the lake with only one bed.

Will this be the season when all their wishes will come true?

Christmas Bubble

This romance hit all the marks. It had full-fledged characters, a well-paced plotline, some good steam, and a very endearing couple. The full package!


This book was like a nice cup of hot cocoa on a cold winters day!

  • Avid reader: give me two (or more) guys, plenty of chemistry, some issues to work through and a HEA, and I'm sold!

  • Custard tart aficionado

  • Wannabe baker and feeder of family and friends

  • Can only knit two kinds of stitches but I'm an ace at cross-stitch

  • Can parallel park in one single move - it really annoys the boyfriend!

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