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I love Nora's contemporary series and silver foxes? I was signed up from the get go. 

I also had the pleasure of helping Nora out with a few Portuguese terms so I'm really looking forward to diving into this book and series

May Archer is the queen of MM small town romance for me. I've loved the Sunday brothers and have been looking forward to this book since for ever! I know I'm not going to be disappointed



If May is the queen of MM small town romance, then Melanie Harlow is my MF queen.

I've read most of her books and I love how she always starts a new series with a single dad.


It's been more than a little while since I've read a Max Monroe book. Mostly because I tend to read MM these days. However, I am signed up to their newsletter- which is freakin hilarious btw- and when I saw the blurb for this book I knew I had to read it.

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