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Can a broken boy and an unconventional Daddy help each other heal?

Saxton has never been able to make a Daddy stay. He wants one desperately, but they’ve all walked away. He knows exactly why: because he’s damaged. Broken. Unable to give Daddies what they want from him.

When he meets Daddy Gale, who offers to take care of him after an accident, Saxton expects the same thing to happen. But Gale is different in many ways, and he has his own wounds. He has endless patience with Saxton, and he respects Saxton's boundaries.

But when Saxton can’t open up about the trauma that forever changed him, will Gale decide Saxton isn’t worth the trouble after all? Or will Saxton finally have a Daddy who accepts him the way he is?

Healing Hand is a sweet, low heat Daddy care MM romance with loads of hurt/comfort, age play, tender moments, and emotions that will give you all the feels. 


Soulmates across time. A love that conquers even time itself.

In present day, all Finn wants is to leave behind the family farm and become a ghost hunter. 

In 1912, Artie works hard to save enough money to escape the rumors about the kind of man he is, a man who loves other men. He has vowed never to open his heart to another. 

Finn has taken up residence in a haunted hotel. There, he’s set up his equipment to track down evidence of the hotel’s three resident ghosts. 

When Finn is thrust back into the year 1912, his only thought is to get home. The problem is, he’s fallen for Artie who, in the future, is one of the hotel’s ghosts. 

Will Finn get back home? Or will his feelings for Artie cause him to stay in the past, leaving his future behind him?

A male/male time travel romance complete with the scent of lavender, shared beds, daring rescues, found families, root beer floats, and true love across time.


Old enemies, new lovers, and an unexpected war.


As the youngest Master to ever hold a territory, Darien likes his solitude. He rules over the largest city in Romania—no small feat—and he does it all on his own. He’s lucky enough to have the most powerful incubus in the city as a friend and lover, and despite the occasional moments of boredom, he’s happy.

But everything changes with the arrival of an old enemy. She leaves a trail of bodies in her wake in a silent challenge to Darien, one he must deal with before it’s too late.

Adam is her latest creation. A mistake. A fledgling who shouldn’t have survived the change. Darien should kill him, but something about Adam calls to him, so instead he takes him under his wing. 

Can Darien survive the war that’s coming and keep the fledgling alive, or will he succumb to hidden threats no one could have foreseen? And can Adam learn to navigate this new and dangerous world fate has thrown him into? More importantly, can he make Darien trust him?



It’s not exactly what I’d call the ideal situation—being introduced to your bio-dad’s best mate only to realize he’s the sexy older guy you hooked up with a couple of weeks ago—but it’s also not the worst thing to ever happen in history. The way I see it, this is fate. The universe is throwing Shay Kelly in my path again because it knows how much I’ve been dying for another shag with him.

I have four weeks before I need to go back to London, and I know exactly how I’d like to spend that time. And fortunately for me, Shay’s just as keen for a repeat or ten as I am.

All we need is a few ground rules to keep this little fling in check…

Rule One: It’s temporary
Makes sense—neither of us do the long-term bit. And it’s not like we can continue with this once I move back to London.
Rule Two: No dates, just sex
Easy peasy—sex is the best part of dating anyway.
Rule Three: We keep it between us
Perfect—sneaking around and concocting elaborate lies is a right turn on.
Rule Four: No falling in love
Love? Me? In four weeks? There’s a better chance of me inventing the solution to climate change. 

Warning: this book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like British slang, and anyone who doesn’t like smokin’ hot older guys and sexy red-haired twinks having lots of sex and trying not to fall in love.
*Happily Ever After included


For Ben and Toby, faking it has never felt more real

Dropped by his agency for walking out on a client, professional escort Ben Lassiter is thrown an unexpected lifeline: an assignment to be a boyfriend-for-hire for a family wedding. But there’s a catch. The man who wants him for the weekend is a man who makes Ben’s blood heat, his spine tingle, and his heart pound. A man Ben wants so much, but who doesn’t want him in return.

Toby Hawksmoore, a man Ben’s vowed to stay away from.

Ben and Toby circle each other as they tell themselves their relationship is strictly business. But the hard lines they’ve set and the rules they’ve made are starting to blur. 

Escort and client is turning into something neither had bargained for.

*** Faking It is the second in the Rent Boys series but can be read as a stand alone. 71,000 words. HEA and no cliffhangers ***

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