How to Catch a Bachelor - Bonus Scene

Read and listen to the narration by Nick Hudson

The Wedding... the second one...


Tate: Bready or not, I'm marrying the shit out of you tomorrow.
Indy: Everything I brew, I brew it for you.
Tate: I can't espresso how much you bean to me.
Indy: You're such a weirdough.
Tate: I loaf you, you butter believe it.
Indy: I always knew we beelong together.
Tate: We were meant to bee.
Tate: I'll see you tomorrow, husband. Love you.
Indy: Tomorrow can't come too soon. Love you back.

I forced myself to put my phone down after reading our last message exchange for the hundredth time since last night.
Whoever had the idea that people getting married shouldn't see each other the night before the wedding was clearly single and had never been in love. 
And because we hadn't done things right the first time round, Tate had insisted that we should spend the night apart. 
So here I was, in Reed's office, getting ready to marry the love of my life, and missing him like I hadn't seen him in years, rather than twelve hours.
"Knock, knock," my mom said, coming in. "Oh Indy, sweetie, you look…" She stopped and ran a finger under her eye.
"Oh mom, don't cry. No crying allowed, okay? Because then I'll cry, and when Tom comes back, he'll cry and you know all hell will break loose," I said, pulling her in for a hug.
"I'm just so happy for you, you know. Tate is perfect for you."
I nodded in her embrace.
"Do you remember when you said the wind was changing? Mom Tate didn't come because the wind changed. Tate was the wind," I said, remembering the words I hadn't taken seriously when she'd said them over a year ago.
"Please let me make an inappropriate comment right now, or I'll burst into tears," she said.
I laughed. "You never asked permission for it before."
She shrugged, and then her expression changed. Oh no. I knew that face. My heart rate increased and my palms became sweaty.
"Indy, dear. Tom said you already have your something old, something borrowed and something blue, so I wanted to give you your something new."
Please let it not be a dick. Please let it not be a dick.
She took a small velvet box from her handbag and gave it to me.
My hands shook as I opened the box to reveal a silver boutonnière with a tiny dick at the end of it. 
I laughed. The dick was small enough that anyone would need to be close to me to really see what it was, and I knew it would be mostly hidden by the small bunch of lavender.
"Do you want to do the honors?" I said, pointing at my lapel.
My mom looked at me with the same pride, tenderness and love in her eyes she had when I baked my first cake, when I graduated highschool and when I opened Spilled Beans. Being on the receiving end of that look was one of the best feelings in the world.
"There," she said, pinning the small lavender flowers with the dick boutonnière. "Looks perfect."
"I agree."
"I'm going to find your dad and your brother before they cause any trouble outside. I'll see you when you're a married man," she said, giving me a kiss.
"I'm already married," I chuckled.
She waved her hand and left the room.
I walked over to the window to look at the beautiful landscape of Reed's lavender farm. It had been Tate's idea to get married here and Reed had been beyond excited to host our wedding, especially since the lavender honey favors for Ben and Tristan's wedding had been such a success. 
Hushed voices outside Reed's office caught my attention. I walked out and saw Tom and Ben.
"Everything okay out here?" I asked.
Tom looked at me as if I'd shone a bright light on his face.
"What's the matter? Is anyone allergic to bees? Or is there a problem with the catering? Jake has all the contacts, and he made me promise I wouldn't get involved."
Tom looked at Ben again, and then at me.
"Um… let's go inside Reed's office," he said.
"No. Tell me what's going on. Is Tate okay?"
"Um… that's the thing, we… um… can't find him." 
I wanted to laugh, but Tom looked like someone had called his cat a bad name. 
"Are you serious?"
He nodded, looking like he was about to cry.
"Hold on a moment," I said, and went back to the office to grab my phone. I tapped on the phone finder app, and sure enough my man had not disappeared. He'd simply… evaded Tom.
I chuckled. "I'll go look for him, okay? I promise you'll have two grooms under the lavender arch in one hour."
"Ugh, this is too much. I've changed my mind. Wedding planning is too stressful. I'll stick to making clothes. Clothes don't go missing," Tom said, running his hands through his hair and walking off. "I'm going to find Wren. I need a healing blowjob."
Ben snorted. "He did just say that, didn't he?"
I nodded. "He does make a good point though. I'll see you in one hour… oh, the office will be free, if you need… you know… some healing," I snorted and walked toward the door leading to the lavender field.
I didn't need to look twice at my phone to know exactly where he was. 
"Did you know you scared the sparkle out of Tom with your escape?" I said, approaching the water tower. I started going up the stairs.
"No, you can't come up," Tate shouted down.
I chuckled and carried on until I was up the top.
"We're not supposed to see each other before the wedding," he insisted.
"You're forgetting we're already married?" I walked over to him, and as always, he opened his arms and wrapped them around me. "I missed you last night. Let's not do that again."
I pulled his head down for a kiss. He tasted of Tate, coffee and cinnamon. My all-time favorite combination. The feel of his lips on mine was now as familiar as breathing, but it didn't make each kiss any less exhilarating. If anything, every time Tate touched me, kissed me, or looked at me like I was his whole world, was as if it was the first.
"I agree," he said. "You look breathtaking."
He ran a hand through my hair. I hadn't decided if I should wear it in a bun, so it was still loose. 
"So why are you hiding?" I asked.
"Tom was a little overwhelming. He even gave a speech where he threatened my balls again if I ever hurt you."
I moved my hand slowly downward until I was cupping his growing erection.
"Don't worry, baby, I'll protect your balls," I said, in my best sultry voice. I mean, we were on our own, we had some time, we could totally have sex right now, couldn't we?
Tate tugged on my hair, which had the effect of diverting all my blood flow right down to my dick.
"You're playing with fire, baby," he said.
"I'm so ready to get burned it's unreal." I removed my hand from his crotch and pressed against him so he could feel how hard I was.
Tate laughed but put a few inches between us. "How about we go out there, get married… again, take some photos, and eat nice food?"
He kissed me again until I forgot what day it was and then said, "I want to spend tonight licking lavender honey from your ass until you come. And when you do… twice… I'm going to fuck you until you come a third time."
I shivered in anticipation and then pulled his hand toward the stairs. "Come on, we need to get this over with. How long do you think we need to stay?"
Tate laughed and pulled me back so I landed with my back to his chest. He nuzzled my neck and then sucked on my skin. Definitely, one hundred percent leaving a mark.
"Ugh, Tate… you're not helping."
"Indigo, baby. Let's slow down and enjoy today. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us, and I promise I'll make it so good for you."
I sighed, "God, Tate, that sounds… like a dream come true."
He turned me around to face him. "It's more than a dream come true, Indy. I never dared dreaming that my life could be like this. I never dared dreaming that someone like you could love me."
A silly tear decided to leave the confines of my tear ducts. I knew Tate and I were so perfect for each other because even though we'd started off from different places, we both wanted the same thing. Even if we hadn't realized that in the beginning.
"Come on, you romantic sap, let's get ourselves married… again."
"I'd marry you every day for the rest of my life."
"I'll say yes, every single time."
And as I promised Tom, there were two grooms under the lavender arch. And this time we'd both remember every single detail. Walking together down the improvised aisle and seeing our closest friends and family smiling at us, witnessing the second most important moment of our lives. The most important one being the moment we'd decided we were stronger together and could defeat all the hurt and doubt from our past.



“Congrats, Old Man,” my brother said, hugging me.

“Thanks, Kiddo.”

The old Tate would have been itching to leave. Hell, the old Tate wouldn’t have been seen dead at a wedding, let alone as the groom.

New Tate, however, couldn’t be more proud to stand in front of an amazing group of people, declaring his undying love for Indigo Moonshine Birch, now Brooks.

“If you want me to cover for you, just say the word,” he said into my ear.

I laughed. “I might take you up on it, but after food. Have you seen the menu Indy put together?”

“Ben hasn’t shut up about it since we got here, so yeah. You can kidnap your groom any time after lunch.”

Indy was talking to his brother, Sage, under the shade of a tree. I made my way toward him, which took much longer than I thought because everyone wanted to congratulate us on the wedding, the choice of venue, the sunny day, and anything and everything they could think of.

I wondered, not for the first time, if I could take my brother’s up on his offer to cover for us so I could take Indy away for some naked fun.

“Oh Tate, darling, here you are,” Indy’s mom said, coming over to me.

“Hi Pamela,” I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Can I recruit you?”

She laughed. “What for?”

“I want to get to your son, but it seems today, of all days, everyone is keen on keeping us apart.”

“It’s funny you should say that because I wanted to speak to you both,” she said, with a smile I was coming to know very well.

Oh no!

She wrapped her arm around mine and guided us to Indy, stopping anyone from getting closer by sending them toward the buffet area where lunch was going to be served shortly.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

“Oh hey mom,” Indy said as we approached. “Is the buffet ready yet? I’m starving.”

Pamela looked at Sage who snorted.

Indy sighed.

“Mom, I got married with a dick on my jacket, surely—”

“What?” I interrupted. What the hell was he talking about?”

Indy pointed at his boutonnière. I couldn’t see it at first until I couldn’t unsee it.

“That was there the whole time?” I asked.

“Apparently it’s my ‘something new’,” Indy said using his fingers to make quotation marks.

Pamela cleared her throat. “That was your ceremonial gift. I want to give you your wedding gift.”

I held my hand up.

“Is it a dildo, a butt plug, a cock ring with tiny dicks all around the ring, or those delicious dick chocolate chips?” I asked.

Pamela opened her mouth wide and closed it again, so I continued. “Because Indy has the only dick he’ll ever need for the rest of his life, so we’ll accept a gift from the aforementioned useful-gifts list, otherwise I’m sure Sage will be glad to be on the receiving end of your generosity.”

Sage laughed, and Pamela put a finger over her mouth as if she was deep in thought.

“Oh, I know what else you can add to that list. How about cinnamon flavored lu—”

“Lah, lah, lah,” she said, covering her ears with her hands and walking away. Sage followed her toward the buffet area.

“How interesting your mom isn’t shocked knowing we’d like new sex toys, but draws the line at the thought of me eating your ass,” I said, pulling Indy into my arms. “And finally, I’ve got you. I thought I was going to have to kidnap you for real.”

“I’d be up for that. Just saying.”

I smiled, “And I think that’s the end of inappropriate dick-gifting, baby.”

He patted my chest, shaking his head. “Oh honey, it’s like you don’t know my family already?”

“I love you family, and I love you even more,” I said.

Indy melted into my arms and pulled me down for a kiss. “I need your pant-dropping, brain fog-inducing kisses, because I need to forget what just happened. Like, total erasure.”

I chuckled but did exactly as requested. I ran my fingers through Indy’s long, soft hair until one of my hands cradled the back of his neck. I caressed his cheek and looked into his dark blue eyes.

“Anything you want, baby.”

My lips had barely touched Indy’s, when I heard a cough behind us. Indy groaned, and I took a deep breath before looking behind me.

Tom stood there with his hands on his hips.

“I have a group of hungry people out there and you two are over here canoodling?” He huffed, raising his hands up.

“Canoodling?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“I can change it to eye-fucking, but there are children present at this party,” he whispered, coming closer to us and pulling us both by the sleeve of our suit jackets.

We followed him until we reached the area Reed had set up for the lunch buffet. Slow, soft music was playing in the background. When I’d spoken to Reed about having the wedding at his farm, I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t disturb the bees.

A roar of applause, rice and flower petals rained upon us. So much for being considerate to the  bees.

Sorry, bees.

I wouldn’t have thought possible to feel so much happiness with one person, and here I was, with him, surrounded by our closest friends.

Maybe we wouldn’t escape the party as early as we’d like.

Maybe we’d be sporting blue balls a little longer.

But as we opened the dance floor with our first dance to the sound of our song, Lavender by Marillion, I knew this wasn’t as good as it could get. This was just the beginning.

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