How to Catch a Biker - Bonus Scene

The Road Trip - Slade

My whole life I thought riding was a solitary activity. I could ride with hundreds of other bikers, but every time I was on a bike I was in my world, my bubble. 

Being aware of the people around me, communicating with them or following the crowd didn’t diminish the fact that on my bike it was just me.

That was until Aiden came along. 

Riding with Aiden had become such an experience that I didn’t think I’d ever go back to riding a bike on my own. I didn’t even have the desire to.

And when it came to the actual riding, like in bed, we were both happy to switch.

Had I been abducted by mind altering aliens that brainwashed me into giving up control? Maybe. I’d like to think I’d simply found someone I could trust with my life and my heart.

That thought alone made me a little sad for the years I’d been with Mike. 

I loved him then, and I still loved him now. Would our lives have turned out differently if I’d met him under different circumstances? At a different time in my life?

Maybe...maybe not. 

As much as I regretted not being the man Mike had needed me to be, I couldn’t regret any of my past decisions that eventually led me to this moment. 

Aiden held on to me as I took us on the country roads to our spot. The spot that in the past I’d used to clear my mind, but that now had forever been changed since we had our first kiss there.

Summer was coming to an end, but the cooler temperatures didn’t change our plans. 

Now that the Harley was fully restored, we were going on a riding holiday in a week’s time. 

The journey was unknown. The goal was to enjoy ourselves and see some cool sights along the way. The destination? Well, that was up to Aiden, if I ever got the guts to ask him the question I’d been meaning to ask for a while now.

“You okay, baby?” I said into the bluetooth intercom device.


He was squirming a little on his seat, so I wondered if I’d been more rough with him last night than I’d thought. 

Not that he complained, since he’d more or less begged me for a second go as soon as he came down from his first orgasm.

The downside of my age was that recovery took a lot longer. The benefit was that I could get Aiden off a second time, and sometimes even managed to draw a third orgasm from him.

Today’s ride was just a test to see how the Harley performed. We’d taken it around town but hadn’t had the chance for a longer ride, and since we’d be soon spending many hours on it, I wanted to make sure it was up for the challenge.

As usual, there was no one on the dirt road, but now, after some research, I knew why that was the case. Nerves settled in my stomach as we approached our parking spot.

I was thinking about our future together, and for the first time in my life that future was more than a good bike and the open road.

A side effect of having Aiden holding on to me while we were on the bike was that I couldn’t wait to touch him back. So as soon as we were both off the bike and our helmets off, I put my arms around him and claimed his mouth.

I was happily lost in him when I felt something move in his backpack.

One of Aiden’s cutest habits was to carry a notebook everywhere so he could jot notes when something inspired him. I’d even got him a small backpack where he could hold his things when we travelled. A backpack that now seemed to be alive.



He didn’t meet my eyes.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

He shook his head.

“Are you sure?”

He raised his eyes slowly. The blush on his cheeks was adorable, and I was so tempted to go back to kissing him, but…a familiar sound came from his backpack.

I raised my eyebrows.

“I can explain,” he said.

“This will be interesting,” I chuckled.

He took off his backpack and opened it to reveal Harley curled up inside. When she saw me, she scrambled out of the bag and jumped onto my shoulder.

“She wanted to come along,” Aiden said.

“Oh, really? And you know this because…”

“She told me.”


Harley meowed again. I crossed my arms so she could get into her favorite position between my neck and my beard. If she’d endured a bike ride in a dark bag, this was the least I could do for her.

“It’s true. I was getting my notebook, and she jumped in the bag and wouldn’t get out. I had no choice.” He shrugged.

I laughed out loud and put one arm around him, pulling him close so I could kiss his head.

“Nothing to do with you wanting to bring her along on our trip?”

He huffed, knowing he’d been caught.

When we’d talked about the trip, understandably, Aiden didn’t want to leave Harley behind. She was an important part of our family. 

Hell, she ran our family. 

The problem was keeping her safe while we travelled. A short ride in a backpack wouldn’t do her harm, but a longer trip wouldn’t be as comfortable, so we’d agreed to leave her with Tom, Wren and their cat, Coco. 

Coco and Harley often had playdates and got along very well, so we knew she’d be safe and happy.

I shook my head. “You’re lucky I love you so much. Both of you.”

“Does that mean she can come with us on our trip?”

Could I ever deny this man anything?

“I guess she is.”

He raised his hand, and Harley bumped it with her paw. 

Great, this is how it all starts.

And I’d be damned if it didn’t make my heart even fuller than it was. If I wasn't careful, I’d be a walking, talking pile of lovey dovey mush. 

If Ted could see me now.

I looked up at the blue sky. If Ted really was watching, I hoped he knew how loved he was and how much he was missed. 

“Come on, guys, let’s go,” I said, pulling Aiden with me.

“Wait, where are we going? Isn’t the view to Reed’s farm that way?” Aiden asked when he figured out we were heading in the opposite direction.

“It is, but there’s something I want to show you first.”

It was a good fifteen-minute walk, and eventually Harley was tired of being carried and decided to explore the area. She was always near us, so I wasn’t worried about her getting lost. 

She was a feisty and fearless kitten, but she was loyal and very protective of us. 

The house looked a lot nicer in real life than in the photos I’d seen online. 

A farmer’s house with a wraparound porch, a small barn that could be converted into a garage, plenty of land, and a surprise addition that had made me go from looking at the listing to contacting the seller.

“What’s this?” Aiden asked. “Can we be here?”

“We can. This house and the property surrounding it, including our spot overlooking Reed’s farm, are up for sale. The owner is moving to the city to live with his grandson and he’s looking to sell to someone who will make this a home and look after it, make memories, and maybe one day pass it down to a new generation.”

Aiden looked at me. His eyes were wide and welling up.

“Are you saying...are you want to live here?” he asked.

“Only if you do, too. Our spot would be ours forever. There’s plenty of land for Harley to explore, and who knows, maybe one day we can be adopted by another kitten or a dog. Maybe even children?”

“Oh, Slade.”

Aiden slammed into me, holding me tight.

I held him right back. 

When he pulled away, his eyes were red.

“What’s the matter, baby?” 

“Do you really want kids?”

Ah, so that’s what it was. I cleared his tears and kissed him.

“I didn’t think I did, but I also never thought I’d be so happy with the life we have. When I see you with Harley, sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we had a kid of our own...I just…”

He placed his hands on my face so I leaned down for a kiss.

“Slade, I think I’d like to adopt an older child. Someone who for whatever reason doesn’t have a family of their own. We can be their family.”

“Damn you, Aiden, you’re gonna make me cry.”

“That’s okay, you’re old, so I know emotions can get the best of you.”

I slapped his ass, but he got away from me. I chased him until he was back in my arms again.

“So what do you say?”


“To what?”

He smiled that smile that lit up my life every time I saw it.

“To the house, to adopting a kid. Hell, I’ll even marry you, if you ask.”

“Will you?” 

It was scary how my life had become so perfect that even this moment couldn’t have been planned better.

“Will I what?” Aiden asked, his hands shaking against my chest.

“Will you marry me?”

He nodded fiercely. “Yes, definitely. Yes...did I say yes, yet? Because it’s a yes.”

I put my hand inside my leather jacket and felt for the hidden pocket that had been keeping the rings safe since I got them a month ago.

“Well, in that case, you better have this,” I said, placing one of the rings on his finger.

“Oh, my god. Slade, you were planning this?” 

“I’ve had the rings for a while, I was waiting for the right moment, and hearing you talk about giving a kid like me a chance to have a family. The same chance I had once... I fall in love with you every single day as soon as I open my eyes and stare into your sleepy, beautiful face. But when you say things like what you just did, you make me fall even deeper. There will never be a way back for me, Aiden.”

“Good. I’m not letting you go anywhere.”

Harley came back from her explorations and jumped on us.

Aiden rubbed her ginger fur, and she purred.

“Come on, let’s go to our spot because I’m going to give daddy an alfresco blowjob,” he said.

Harley jumped back to the ground, clearly not impressed.

“Hold that thought. I want to show you something first.”

I took his hand and led him around the house. The owner had told me he was with his grandson this weekend, but we were free to walk around and explore. We could always come back another day to see the inside of the house.

The back of the house was a large grassy area, and at the end there was a path that had been cut between the trees. We followed it and sure enough, there it was.

“Oh my god, Slade. This is...I don’t even know how to describe it.”

The stream wasn’t deep or wide, but it flowed well. The owner told me that the water never dried up, but it did get a little deeper in the winter with rain and snow. It was perfectly safe and there was no risk of flooding to the house. 

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yes, this is so beautiful, so peaceful.”

“I was thinking we could build a small cabin here. Just one room but with running water and electricity so you could set up your office here.”

Aiden stood in front of me. The way he was biting his lip told me his thoughts weren’t entirely pure.

“So...if my office was here,” he said, running his hands up my chest and around my back, settling over my ass. “It would be a little know...just me, and this beautiful view.”

I smiled.

“I could visit you.”

“You mean like conjugal visits?”

“This isn’t a prison, baby.”

He closed his hands over my ass, pulling us even closer. I felt his erection against mine. 

“But what if I accidentally, whilst doing research for a book, of course…”

“Of course…”

“What if I accidentally handcuffed myself to my strong wooden desk, and I couldn’t reach for the keys?” He kissed my neck, licking a path to my earlobe. “Would you come to rescue me?”

I swallowed as his warm breath tickled my skin.

“You know I’m good with tools.”

He snorted but didn’t break character. “What would you do to me with your tools?”

“I think helping you out of the handcuffs wouldn’t be the first thing I’d do,” I said.

He cupped my erection before searching for the buttons of my jeans.

“I like that. I’d be at your mercy. You could do whatever you wanted to me.”

“Tell me. Will your office come with supplies?” I asked.

He popped a button open.

“You mean stationery?”

“No, baby. Lube.”

He popped two buttons and went back to kissing my neck, biting my Adam’s apple and then sucking a patch of skin.

I groaned.

“You can bet all the tools in your garage that lube will be the first item inside this cabin as soon as there are four walls and a roof.”

He got on his knees and took my cock out. I felt the cool air for less than a second before the wet hotness of Aiden’s mouth covered my cock.

I knew we were alone, but seeing Aiden on his knees like that, so lost in our pleasure that he didn’t care if anyone saw us, threatened to make me come undone.

“Fuck, baby. You look so beautiful like that.”

He moaned around my cock, sucking the crown before taking as much of it as he could.

I ran my hands through his hair and pushed it away from his eyes. I wanted to look at him and see the man I’d fallen in love with. The man I was going to marry.

He licked the length of my cock and then sucked my balls. My eyes rolled back from the pain-pleasure of his mouth sucking and tugging.


Knowing we were the only people for miles didn’t mean I felt comfortable letting go and shouting my pleasure. Maybe one day, when this place was truly ours, we could lay here by the stream on a blanket, making love to each other, and then sleeping under the stars.

Aiden opened the zip of his jeans and stroked his own hard cock. I knew if he was doing that, he must be close. 

“I’m right there with you, baby. Just let me know where to come,” I said.

“My mouth. I want to swallow every last drop.”

I was blind to the world around us as I gazed into his eyes, seeing as they went darker the closer he was to his orgasm. 

He didn’t stop sucking my crown or stroking me with his free hand until he froze for a moment and I knew he was coming, even though I couldn’t see it. 

His eyes rolled, and there was so much bliss on his face.

“Baby…” That was the only warning I could give him before my orgasm crashed over me.

As promised, he drank every single drop. 

I went down on the grass, counting my blessings that it was dry, and pulled Aiden into my arms.

“This was not part of today’s plan, but fuck, baby. You and that mouth of yours,” I said, still trying to get my heart to a more regular beating pattern.

He chuckled against me. “I could fall asleep right now.”

“Probably not a wise thing. And especially not while we both have our dicks out.”

“Then let’s get up because I’m not making any promises.”

We walked back toward the house, admiring the garden. It didn’t have any particular features, which made sense considering the current owner probably wasn’t healthy enough to tend to flower beds. 

I noticed a few things that would need attention, but this was a place we could make a home in.

“What if he doesn’t want to sell us the house?” Aiden asked.

“I’ve already spoken to the owner and his grandson. I made a hypothetical offer to gauge their interest, and they said if we made that offer formally, they’d accept it.”

“Let’s do it.”

What I liked the most about the house and the price the sellers were willing to accept was that it was something both Aiden and I could afford without touching his family’s money. 

We didn’t talk about it much, mostly because it always ended in an argument, and I had strong beliefs about stuff we should buy for ourselves and how his money should be used. 

Aiden’s biker book had just been released and his readers had gone crazy for it. It seemed that his hiatus caused an issue of supply and demand. 

His PA insisted he turned the book into a series of biker-themed books, which were fine by me. I was more than happy to help him with his research. 

So he was enjoying getting his writing mojo back. Whenever he decided to take a break to focus on other things, then he already had some charity projects lined up. His money would go to good causes and people that really needed it.

“How about the apartment?”


“What are you going to do with the apartment?”

I grabbed his hand and laced our fingers together. “I was thinking that we could keep it as a crash pad. Stay there any time we want to go out in town, so we don’t have to ride back, especially if we drink.”

“Hmm...or maybe...sometimes I might get stuck and need help to get unstuck up there. I hear mechanics are good with their tools.”

I laughed. “Our hands, too” I wiggled my brows.

Harley caught up with us just as we got back to the bike.

Like the first time we rode together, I picked up Aiden’s helmet and put it over his head, tightening it up for him. 

With Harley back in the backpack, we were ready to ride back to Chester Falls and into our future together.

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