How to Catch a Bodyguard - Bonus Scene

Celebrating the Engagement

Read and listen to the narration by Nick Hudson


I faceplanted on the bed with a groan. 
As much as I loved my family, I was glad they'd left already. Well, apart from Ellie and Hannah, who were staying the night in one of our new luxury rooms on the other side of the house.
The baby shower had been a resounding success. From the food to the decorations, and all the little touches, Eliza and I had spent such a long time on it we both wanted it to be perfect.
I smiled when the bed dipped on my side and then a strong, warm hand ran from my neck all the way down to my ass, massaging each side and causing my dick to react instantly.
"If that's the back massage you promised me earlier, we need to have an anatomy lesson first," I said, my voice muffled from the bedcovers.
"I'm good at anatomy," James said with a soft chuckle, and kissing the back of my neck, a spot he knew always drove me insane because I was so sensitive there.
"Hmmm..." was all I could manage as he continued, before he turned me over on my side so I could face him.
"Oh, there you are, fiancé," he said, placing his hand on my cheek and leaning over to kiss me. It was a gentle kiss, but there was so much love and reverence in the way his lips touched mine, I almost choked with emotion.
"Today went well, right?" I asked, a little doubt creeping in.
"Hands down the best day of my life," he said, leaning his head on his elbow and taking my hand in his, kissing my hand on the finger that now had my engagement band.
"That's not what I mean," I said, pulling him down for another kiss. "Everyone liked the baby shower, didn't they?"
"Were you there, sweetheart? They loved every second." 
"But how about when-"
He cut me off with a searing kiss that made me forget about the baby shower and wonder why we weren't naked yet.  
"My answer won't change," he said. "The house could have burned down and today would still be the best day of my life."
My heart swelled as I remembered his proposal earlier today. All my life I always assumed I'd be the one to propose to someone, but James had done something truly special by making it about us and our shared history.
He'd been so right, we'd never stopped being best friends, because even though I'd become close to Rory after James left, our friendship had never quite been the same. 
There was something more guarded about Rory that I could never penetrate completely, and I'd missed the openness of James, his sweet innocence, and how he just seemed to get me.
 "What are you thinking about?" he asked, running his thumb over my lower lip. I took it in my mouth and sucked, showing him how I'd take care of another part of his anatomy. His eyes went impossibly dark with lust.
"I was thinking about your proposal, and how I think we were always destined to be together," I said after releasing his finger with a pop.
"I did good, didn't I?" he said with the biggest cocky grin I'd ever seen.
"Meh." I shrugged.
He punched my shoulder, and I took the opportunity to pull him closer until he was on top of me. God, how I relished in the feel of his weight pinning me down. 
"What do you say about that anatomy class?" I asked.
James took my hands and restrained them over my head. His hard cock pressed against mine, and the way he undulated his hips was in danger of making me come earlier than I wanted. 
Tonight was special. Our first night together as fiancés. The first night of a new chapter in our lives, and especially now that James was back in Windsor for good, there was a lot to celebrate.
"Will you help me with that anatomy lesson?" he said, crashing his mouth onto mine.
I wiggled my way out from under him and got up from the bed. "Come on, practice makes perfect," I said, walking backwards away from the bed and unbuttoning my shirt slowly until I reached the bottom and then untucked it.
James got up like his ass was on fire and was undressed even before I'd reached for the zipper on my slacks.
I laughed. "So much for my seduction plan."
"Baby," he said, in a deep voice, advancing towards me. "First of all, I found you face down on our bed like you were ready to drop. And second," he said coming so close we were nearly touching, but not quite. "You seduce me every day as soon as I wake up and look into those gorgeous green eyes, your hair that won't make up its mind if it's going to be red or brown, and especially those cute freckles that are like stars lighting up my path into your heart."
My throat tightened. "What did I do to deserve you?" I said, shaking my head as I stared into his hazel eyes.
"You exist, Connor. That's all." 
He removed my slacks because my hands were too shaky.
"Come on, baby, let's get in the shower. I plan on cleaning you up, before I make you dirty and then repeat it all over again," he said.
I sighed happily, and followed the love of my life into the bathroom, admiring the beautiful curves of his body. My gangly Jamie Lexington had grown into a sex-on-legs-magazine-model-worthy adult and I still hadn't decided if my favorite part of him were those two dimples on his lower back just above his delicious bubble butt, or the V running down from his abs toward that long thick cock I loved so much.
"My eyes are up here, baby," he said, smirking as he turned the water in the shower on.
"Eye contact is overrated," I said, making a show of my appreciation of his body.
I took a step forward and ran my hands all over his back, feeling the result of all the hard work he put in the gym and with work around the house. I kissed the three little scars on his shoulder where the bullets that ended his military career had hit him.
He'd been in war zones risking his life for our country. I was so proud of him, but whenever I saw those scars I also saw the possibility that he may have never returned and found me again. Then again it was thanks to those scars that he'd been able to come back. It was a love hate relationship I kept to myself because there was no point worrying about something in the past. We had a bright and happy future ahead of us.
As soon as James was satisfied the water was at the right temperature he walked in the shower taking me with him.
Our mouths clashed in a messy dance of tongues and water that left us breathless and giggly.
"Why are shower kissing scenes so sexy but then you do it in real life and nearly drown?" James said, reaching out for the soap and lathering it in his hands.
Our erections rubbed occasionally as we moved around taking turns washing each other, but when I'd tried to take them in hand, he'd slapped it away.
"I've got plans for those," James said and then turned me around to face the glass wall of the shower. The new position meant the shower water wasn't running over my head, so he turned my head around to face him and keeping one hand on my neck he kissed me, his tongue seeking entry into my mouth. He tasted of strawberry, likely because of one of Tom's non-alcoholic cocktails he'd had earlier.
"Hmmm you taste delicious," I moaned against his lips, feeling him smile against mine.
He placed my hands on the glass, and gave me a heated look that told me to keep them there, before he went down on his knees.
I obeyed, knowing it would end well for me if I did. 
He chuckled as I arched my back to give him better access.
"Someone's eager," he said, but I didn't have a chance to reply before he ran his tongue up from my perineum and then paid the same attention to my hole as he did to my mouth earlier.
"Fuuuck, baby, that feels so good…" I moaned. 
"Hmm, I think you taste better than I do," he said, and then went back to teasing my hole. My cock was leaking like crazy and he hadn't even added any fingers.
He got up and lined his body with mine, pushing me into the glass and brushing his cock over my crease. Every time he teased my hole with his crown, my body lit up. I knew he wouldn't push in without lube, but the promise of it had all my cylinders firing. James knew all too well how much I loved the feeling of that first stretch, and boy did he take advantage of it every time he could.
If someone had told me a year ago how much I'd love bottoming, and for none other than a man, I'd have laughed my head off. 
"Tell me how much you want me inside you, baby," he whispered into my ear.
"More than ice cream," I said all too quickly, making him chuckle.
He kept his teasing pace and then wrapped his hand around my cock, stroking it in synchrony with the movement of his hips.
"Knowing how much you love ice cream I think I better hurry then, in fact, I think we should add some ice cream to this party," he said, licking a path from my shoulder to my earlobe and then sucking on it.
"Don't you dare fucking stop James Bennett. There's a reason we have a bottle of lube in the shower. Use it. Now!" I demanded.
He groaned and released my cock. "Fuck, baby, I love it when you take charge. Seeing you this desperate to have my cock inside you."
I was going to tell him to stop with the dirty talk and just get to the dirty business when a lubed finger pushed through the tight ring of muscles.
"Ughn…" I moaned. "God, it feels so good. More James... more."
"Shh baby, I'll give you everything you need."
A second finger joined the first and by the time he added a third finger I was threatening divorce if he didn't put his cock in me, and we weren't even married yet.
"I get so hard when you're like this, Connor. I won't last when I'm inside you," he said.
I replied, "and you think I will, the way you've been teasing me?"
My laugh became stuck in my throat and my breath caught when I felt the head of James's cock seeking permission to enter. I relaxed and stood still to allow him time to get all the way in. As much as I loved that initial breach, pain wasn't my kink, so I was glad when he took his time to work his cock all the way in.
"So fucking tight," he gasped. "So perfect."
"Please, James…" I had no idea what I was begging for but he seemed to know because he started with slow thrusts that changed into longer ones as my channel got used to his size. Yep, my husband-to-be was a big boy, and I loved every inch of him.
I hadn't even realized the water was now running cold because inside all I felt was scorching heat. 
My orgasm started to build up in the bottom of my spine, and I knew it wouldn't take long for me to go over.
"James," I cried. 
The beauty of being with someone who knew you better than yourself was that sometimes words were redundant because they knew exactly what you were asking for. In James's case, I wanted the pleasure-pain of the fast and sharp thrusts that got my insides on fire every time his cock hit my prostate.
I was like the Vitruvian man, legs open wide, arms stretched out and my cock painfully hard against the glass as James tried to get so deep inside me his balls hit mine with every move.
"So close," he said in my ear.
"I want to feel you come inside me first," I said, hoping I'd be able to keep my orgasm at bay long enough.
"Connor!" he shouted, his orgasm filling me up with his warm release.
I finally allowed myself to move my arms, placing them on his hips as a silent request for him to stay inside me a little longer. 
He turned my head and kissed me with such fierce passion. His cock finally slipped out, leaving me feeling empty but still in need of release.
I turned around and pushed him back down on his knees.
"Lesson's not over," I said.
He took my cock in his mouth and sucked it straight to the back of his throat. A few thrusts into his mouth and I was coming so hard I thought I was going to pass out. 
I held myself upright until my legs felt like jelly, so I slid down to the floor where James was already sitting with a look of bliss in his eyes.
"You definitely taste better," he said. 
We stayed there until the goosebumps on my skin gave away how cold I was.
"Come on, let's warm you up in bed," James said.
He picked up two towels that had been warming up in the radiator and we cleaned ourselves before going back out into the room. I was so glad we'd added a few more logs to the fire in the bedroom earlier.
The first thing I saw as I stepped back into the bedroom was the door wide open. The second thing was Donnie laying by the fire with Bubbles happily sleeping on his back.
James groaned, "We have weird fucking pets."
"We will never live this down," I said, closing the bedroom door and hoping that Ellie's pregnancy was making both her and Hannah tired enough that they were sleeping and hadn't heard us.
"Come on Mr. Williams, let's get you cozy in bed. If you're lucky, I might let you make out with me," he said, taking my hand and leading me towards the bed.
"How about future Mr. Bennett?" I teased. 
He scrunched up his nose and shook his head.
"Mr. Lexington-Bennett?" I tried again, referring to him changing his last name months ago when he'd accepted both his father and mother's surnames.
I pulled the covers up and snuggled against his chest. It was my absolute favorite place to be.
"How about Mr. Williams?" he said.
"I'm already Mr. Williams," I said, stifling a yawn.
"What if I want to be a Mr. Williams too?" he said.
I stared into his eyes and thought about how lucky I was to be right where I belonged. For the first time in my life everything made sense, and if I could talk to the Connor of eighteen months ago, I would tell him he wasn't lost, or unlovable. He just needed a new home.  
"That sounds perfect."

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