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Books by Ana Newfolk

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Made In Lisbon

Made In Series Book 5

Can you get more than one true love in a lifetime?


Three years after his husband’s death, Vitor is still grieving. Too young to be alone and too old to start again, he feels stuck. Accepting a new job in Lisbon is just what he needs, but it also means going back to the city that sealed his fate nearly thirty years ago.


Between looking for his missing brother and running an LGBTQ Youth Center, Tiago doesn’t have  time for dating or commitment. When his best friend asks him to find a family member that ran away years ago, Tiago welcomes the distraction.


A past full of secrets.

An anonymous kiss that turns their world upside down.


When past and present clash, will the two men put everything aside and give themselves a chance at happiness? Or are the things keeping them apart stronger than the feelings keeping them together?


Made In Lisbon is May-December MM romance with  hurt/comfort themes, lots of steam and a HEA.

New Manhattan Full size.jpg

Made In Manhattan 

Made In Series Book 4

Is there a second chance in love?


Isaac was kicked out by his family at a young age. It took him years of hard work to become his own man. Now he’s helping the LGBTQ youth of Lisbon so they don’t have to go through the same.

Max has a long and troubled past. An ER nurse in New York City who volunteers at the local Liberty Center, he knows what it’s like to lose your family and having to make it on your own.


A second chance encounter.

A temporary work placement.

An unexpected twist.


With Isaac in Manhattan they finally have their chance, but will they make it, or will life’s tests tear them apart for good?


Made In Manhattan is a MM romance with second chance and hurt/comfort themes, a twist, lots of steam and a HEA.


Made In Manhattan is the continuation of Max and Isaac’s story from Made In New York, while it can be read as a standalone, it will be better enjoyed as part of the Made In Series as characters and stories from previous books appear in this story.

New Paris Full Size.jpg

Made In Paris 

Made In Series Book 3

When pen and paper meet to create the story of a lifetime.


New York. Paris. A friendship across continents and ages.


In Paris, days before Christmas, and on the most important stage of their lives, Dorian and Jean-Paul stumble upon the many letters they exchanged over the years since they became penpals at the tender age of ten.


Watch what happens when friendship turns into more.


Distance, tragedy, and fear.

Will anything get in the way of their love?


Made In Paris is a sweet MM romance short story. It is a standalone story with themes of friends to lovers, set in the city of love and lights, and with a HEA ending.

New Portugal Full size.jpg

Made In Portugal 

Made In Series Book 2

Can your best friend be your soulmate?


Joel's entire world has come crashing down.

When he finds himself back in Portugal to scatter the ashes of his parents, he doesn't know how his heart can ever feel love after the loss of his family.


David has been baking since he was a teenager.

While he's been running the family café, love has taken a backseat in his life. Not to mention he’s keeping a big secret from everyone he knows.


An old travel journal.

A road trip in a temperamental red car.

Pastries, lots of pastries.


When the two childhood friends reunite, emotions re-ignite. But when the bubble bursts and secrets come out, will their love be strong enough?


Made In Portugal is a MM romance with a best friends to lovers theme, a meddling family, lots of steam and a HEA.

New NY Full size.jpg

Made In New York 

Made In Series Book 1

Can a casual encounter turn into more?


Isaac’s trip to New York just before Christmas had a single purpose, learn as much about running an LGBTQ Youth Center as possible and take it back to his native Portugal.


Max’s love of the Christmas season was only surpassed by his job and a nurse and volunteering at his friends’ LGBTQ Youth Center in New York.


A rescue.

A day out in the Big Apple.

A pull neither can resist.


Isaac didn’t count on needing to be rescued by a strapping brown-eyed nurse.

Max didn’t count on Christmas coming early in the shape of a curly-haired man with the most bewitching pair of eyes.

With time running out, will Max and Isaac give in to their attraction? Can it be more than a holiday fling?


Made In New York is a MM romance short story with themes of instant attraction and plenty of steam. The story has a happy for now ending, which concludes in Made In Manhattan with a HEA. Made In New York is better enjoyed as part of the series.