Midnight Ash - Bonus Scene

A Fairy Tale Wedding


After a year of waking up to the love of your life every morning, you know when you’re alone in bed. You also know when you’re...not.

Xander’s arm is heavy around my waist, and his sleepy puffs of breath tickle the back of my neck. 

I reach out to the nightstand to pick up my phone to check the time. The arm around me tightens, and then I hear a groan.

I chuckle and turn around. Xander’s hair is all messy, there are pillow marks on his face but he couldn’t look better to me.

“Morning,” I say, running my hands through his hair. “Care to explain your presence in my bed?”

He wrinkles his nose as a shy smile teases his lips.

“I missed you. I don’t like not sleeping with you,” he says. “Besides…”

I quirk a brow. “Besides...?”

“You weren’t meant to wake up before me,” he mumbles.

I laugh. “So let me get this right. You followed me to the farmhouse and snuck into my bed after I was asleep, and you were planning on leaving before I woke up?”

He shrugs. “Yes?”

“That’s not creepy at all.”

“I’m glad you agree, now can we make out?” he says, pulling me closer and pressing his lips against mine. There’s no point resisting, or telling him he has to go, because when it comes to Xander I’m a total mush in his hands.

I run my hands down his body, feeling his warm skin, the hard muscles, and then the smooth satin of his panties. 

Last night I went to bed fully naked, because wearing sexy panties made me miss Xander. 

My naked cock hardens against his satin encased cock, sending little shots of pleasure across my whole body.

I moan into his mouth, needing more lips, tongue, hands, more Xander. 

“Fuck, I’m never spending a night away from you ever again,” he moans onto the heated skin of my neck, as he moves his hips so our cocks rub against each other, which even with the fabric of his panties between us feels delightful.

“Technically, we haven’t spent the night apart,” I tease.

A knock on the bedroom door puts a stop to our early morning activities.

“I’m awake,” I shout out.

The door handle moves and Xander scoots down under the covers. Fortunately, it seems he remembered to lock the door during his ‘invasion’ last night, so our modesties remain safely locked on this side of the door.

“Morning, Ash,” Victoria says. “Morning, Xander.”

I chuckle and Xander groans. 

“Morning, Victoria. Are the girls up yet?”

“They are, and they’re cooking you breakfast as we speak, so I suggest,” she coughs and then says in a lower voice, “he goes, or there will be trouble.”

“Got it.”

I pull the covers down. Xander’s head is dangerously close to my naked dick, so I give him a warning look.

“You know,” I say, reaching down to give him a small kiss on the lips, “I think it’s really sweet, and maybe only five percent creepy, that you invaded my room last night. Under normal circumstances we would be doing a little more than kissing, but as it is, I think you should go before the girls catch you.”

“I didn’t invade,” he says, with an indignant look on his face. “Besides, why can’t I be here?”

“The groom isn’t allowed to see the other groom before the wedding.”

Even as I say the words my heart fills with so much love for this man, who I love so much. The man who loves me back enough to risk the wrath of my sisters if he’s caught with me before the wedding.

“We’re really getting married today?” he asks, his voice gentle and full of wonder. 

He settles back on the pillow, facing me. 

“We really are,” I say, pulling him for a kiss. I don’t let it get out of control because we’ll lose track of time and get caught by my little wannabe wedding dictators.

Another knock on the door.

Damnit too late.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. Your bridal breakfast is here,” Annie shouts from the corridor.

We both get out of bed and start putting some clothes on. Well, I only bother with pajama pants and a t-shirt, since I’m meant to have my breakfast in bed. Twins’ orders.

Xander looks around for his clothes, which he unceremoniously discarded all over the floor last night, it seems. 

“How do I get out?” he asks. 

“The door?”

“They’re out there!” he whispers and points at the door.

I sit on the bed on top of the covers and cross my legs. 

“What do you suggest?” I ask.

Xander looks around as if he’s trying to find a magical exit or a trapdoor. 

“The window. I’ll jump out the window,” he says.

“Baby, we’re on the second floor, and I’d rather you keep all your limbs in one piece for the ceremony later.”

He stalks over and leans over me, running his nose over mine and up to my forehead until he kisses the tip of my nose. “You’re saying you wouldn’t look after me if I was poorly and incapacitated?”

“I’m saying it would rather limit our honeymoon plans.”

“Guys!” Izzy shouts impatiently. “We know you’re both in there. We saw Xander’s car outside.”

“And you know you’re not allowed to be there so open the door,” Annie says.

We both chuckle.

“About those honeymoon plans,” I say.

“I think it’s time for me to go.” He winks and gives me a kiss on the lips before opening the door of the bedroom.

The girls stand side by side and look very serious. I bite the inside of my mouth so I don’t laugh because Xander looks like he’s terrified of them. 

“We’re only joking,” Izzy says. “We knew you’d sneak in. Do you want breakfast too?”

Xander laughs and shakes his head at my two beautiful know-it-all sisters.

He places a kiss on each of their heads and then turns to me.

“See you later?”

“You bet,” I say.

“I’ll be the guy in the suit whose heart won’t settle into a regular rhythm until I see you walk down that aisle.”

He winks and leaves. 

Mayday. Palpitations are about to happen.

Okay, there totally are palpitations. Because I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and marry my own not-royal prince charming, and because he won’t tell me where we’re going on our honeymoon.



“Where the fuck are you, Alexander Blackwood,” Mia shouts as soon as I press the call answer button on my steering wheel.

I know I’m late, thanks to my trip to sleep with Xander on our last night as single men, but I don’t regret it for one second. 

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” I say.

Mia huffs on the phone and mumbles something I can’t understand.

“Mia,” I call to get her attention. “Take a deep breath. I don’t want you going into labor today.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have disappeared.”

“I didn’t disappear. I spent the night with my fiancé.”

She gasps. I laugh and reassure her I’ll be home soon.

Fifteen minutes later, I walk through the door to my apartment. I don’t even make in before I’m pushed outside again by the very pregnant Mia.

“Wow, you look stunning,” I say, running my hands down her arms. She’s wearing a flowy purple dress that accentuates her seven-month baby bump beautifully. 

I kneel to level up with my future god daughter. “Hello baby girl. How’s it going in there? Be good for momma. She’s a little stressed today, but we’ll look after her.”

When I rise to my feet again Mia has a sappy smile on her face. 


Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long.

“Xander, since when do you move in the same circles as a real life fucking prince?”

“What do you mean?”

She paces the hall outside my apartment.

“I’m not prepared for this. How am I going to handle the press?”

“Mia, hold on. What are you talking about?” I ask.

“The prince of fucking Lydovia is here. In your fucking apartment!”

“Kris is here?” 

She looks at me like I’m crazy.

“‘Kris is here?’” She mimics my words. “Because we all know—”

“Mia, for the love of your unborn child, calm down. Kris and I went to college together, that’s how I know him. Also, pregnancy has given you a really potty mouth. Do I need to have words with your wife?” I chuckle.

Mia puts her hands on her belly, looking down apologetically. Nicki comes out into the hallway at the right time.

“She’s getting it out of her system before the baby is here,” she says.

“You know the baby can hear you, right?” I say.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t know what bad words are yet.” Mia argues.

“At this rate she will by the time she’s six-months-old,” I laugh. “Right, I believe I need to greet an old friend and get dressed for a party.”

I make my way to my apartment, this time making it all the way in before my mother comes for me, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so…” She sobs into my chest.

“I hope you’re ending that sentence with happy, mom,” I chuckle. 

What’s with all the crazy today? These people normally function quite perfectly in the wide world. Well, I’ll give Mia an allowance because her weird hormones kicked in the moment she did the pregnancy test and it came out positive.

“Yes, sweetheart. I’m so happy for you. How’s Ash?”

I see there was no way I’d ever keep my invasion a secret.

“He’s good, mom.” I kiss the top of her head and let her go to greet my old friend.

“Kris, my man. So nice to see you,” I say, pulling him in for a hug.

He whispers in my ear. “Your family is crazy, you know that, right?”

I nod for him to follow me to my room and close the door behind us.

“Trust me, a year ago they definitely were not like this. It took some getting used to, but I like it.” I go to the closet and bring out the two suitcases for our honeymoon. 

I told Ash to pack for cold and hot weather, which he thinks was to throw him off the real destination of our two-week honeymoon.

“Anyway, how are things with you?” I ask.

Kris shrugs. “Same old. No one wants to read about the prince who supports programs to promote sports and art in schools, when they can read a bunch of nonsense about parties I didn’t attend, and people I’ve never met.”

“Gotta love the press...or not,” I say, knowing all too well what it’s like to be under their scrutiny. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live it every single day of my life.

“Anyway, enough about me and my poor little rich boy woes, tell me about this amazing guy you conned into marrying you,” he says.

Thinking about Ash alone makes me feel like I’m lighting up from the inside out. In just a few hours I get to say to everyone that he’s my husband to keep, hold and love forever.

“Jesus, Xander. You don’t need to say a word. Your face just now tells me everything,” Kris says, and I’m not sure he’s teasing because I swear I hear a hint of something else. 

“Are you staying for the ceremony?” 

“Yeah, James is checking out the venue right now. I’ll stay at the back and will meet you on the airplane after the party.”

“James is here? Man, I haven’t seen him since...I think it was just before he enlisted. Is he your security detail?” 

Kris nodded. 

“We can all catch up on the flight...if you don’t want to borrow the private room with the king-size bed at the back.”

I laugh. “You know, I’m totally using that room. Hope you have good quality earplugs on that aircraft.”

“Christ, Xander,” Kris says with a chuckle. 

I help him take the suitcases outside so I can get ready to marry the love of my life.



“Are you ready?” Victoria asks, straightening my tie for the millionth time since we arrived at the wedding venue.

“As ready as I can be.” 

My hands are a little sweaty and I’m nervous about walking down the aisle with all the guests looking at me. Both Xander and I agreed that we’d rather have a small wedding with only us and the family, but the downside of being part of the biggest publishing company in the country is that the press will make up information when they don’t have any. 

We decided that giving them access to part of our day was an acceptable compromise.

I just have to remember what really matters today. I’m marrying Xander.

“Your father would be so proud. I hope you know that, Ashton,” Victoria says. Her eyes are shiny with unshed tears.

I look at the twins, standing a few feet ahead of us, smelling the rose petals they’ll scatter as we walk down the aisle.

“I know. And I know my mom would be proud too. But I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too. I am honored to stand at your side as you marry Xander. He’s perfect for you.”

I nod. She’s right, Xander is my other half, my soulmate.

The wedding planner gives us the five minute warning. All guests are now inside, and we’re almost ready to start the ceremony. 

“How’s Trevor getting on in the cottage? I know he wanted to do some work on it to update some fixtures.”

Shortly after I moved in with Xander, I convinced Victoria to hire a foreman for the farm. We had a good season, and we really needed someone who could do the job full time, especially because I needed to focus on my writing.

Trevor was absolutely the right man for the job. Gentle, thorough, hardworking, and it appeared he pressed all of Victoria’s buttons, if her expression was any kind of sign.

“He’s absolutely dreadful. He’s all but destroyed the cottage, and he’s insisting on teaching the girls how to ride on his horse.”

“Hmm, yes, I can see how a man who’s upgrading the cottage with his own hands for free, and wants to spend time with your daughters would be...dreadful. Like the worst.”

“Ashton,” she says, hitting my arm.

“I’m just going to put it out there. If you wanted to start dating, you know, a nice silver fox who’s good with his hands, I think it would be a good idea,” I say, putting my hand over hers as she wraps her arm around mine.

The music starts, which puts an end to our conversation, and suddenly my heart feels like it’s being used as a trampoline by a herd of cows.

We walk inside the large room to the beat of the string quartet music. I hold Victoria’s hand tightly when I see all the people looking at me. I’m so nervous my brain doesn’t even recognise any of the faces. They could be friends, family, acquaintances, it doesn’t matter. 

And then I see the one face I’d recognise anywhere. 

My heart beat steadies, and everyone else fades into the background with each step I take toward Xander. 

It’s a good thing there are no steps or obstacles in the way because I can’t take my eyes off of him.

He takes both my hands as soon as I’m within reach and pulls me closer.

“Hey. Told you I’d be here,” he says in a low voice only I can hear.

“Hey. Told you I’d come.” I nod toward the guests. “Who are they?”

He chuckles and shrugs. “Just some people.”

The officiant clears her throat. Xander winks and we both turn to her.

“Dearly beloved and honored guests,” The officiant starts.

The only thing keeping me grounded and stopping me from floating away is Xander’s hold on my hand throughout the ceremony, and as quickly as it starts, it ends, and we’re declared husband and husband.

The number of guests clapping and whistling reminds us we’re not alone, so we keep our first kiss as a married couple very tame. 

The twins are the first to run over to us to congratulate us, and then it’s Victoria, Xander’s parents, Mia and Nicki.

It feels like a million years until I spot an opening in the crowd of well-wishers and drag Xander toward a door.

“Where are we going?” he asks.

I don’t even see where the door leads, I just want to get away for a moment. It’s dark on the other side so I feel the wall for a light switch, and when I find it and turn it on, I realize I pulled us into the cleaning supplies closet. 

I lock the door behind Xander and wrap my arms around him, feeling the warmth of his body, and inhaling the scent of his aftershave.

“Hey, everything okay?” he says with concern.

“I’m married to a gorgeous, sexy, smart man, so yes, everything’s perfect,” I say, looking into his deep green eyes.

“He married you so I agree, he’s definitely smart.”

My laugh turns into a moan when Xander’s lips claim mine. This kiss is nothing like the kiss we had in front of the wedding guests. 

It’s a kiss that claims not just my mouth but my body and soul. As if I wasn’t already fully Xander’s.

My cock hardens in my panties, and I can feel Xander’s bulge against me too. I put my hand between us and rub his erection. I wonder what color he’s wearing underneath his suit.

“Hmm fuck, baby, feels so good,” he moans against my lips.

“I can make it even better,” I say, moving my hand to unzip his trousers.

Xander puts his hand over mine to stop me.

I look at him and his eyes tell me he wants nothing more than for me to carry on. He looks around us.

“My husband deserves more than a supply closet,” he says.

“You’re underestimating your husband’s capacity to ignore his surroundings when he’s horny.”

“Still, I can think of a better place.”

I put my hands on his chest. “Such as?”

“The luxurious room of the private jet of the Lydovian royal family.”

My mouth gapes. “What?” 

“I suppose I can tell you now. We’re going to Lydovia to Kris’s mountain chalet for a week before we fly to a tropical island for a week on a private beach.”

“Rewind,” I say, shaking my head to make sense of my thoughts. “When you said you knew the prince of Lydovia, you were serious?”

Xander laughs. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know, because most people don’t know real life royalty? I thought you were trying to impress me.”

“A minute ago you were willing to have sex in a supply closet. I think we’ve established you’re easily impressed.” 

I hit his chest, but he’s totally right. All that matters to me is being with Xander. We could be in a supply closet, or a palace. It wouldn’t make me want him any less.

“So...tell me about this private jet.”

A knock on the door gets our attention.

“I saw you get in there, and so did five other people, including the press photographers,” Nicki says from the other side of the door. “Unless you want my wife to go into premature labor, you’ll tuck your dicks back in and come join your party.”

“Yes, Ma’m,” we both say at the same time as I unlock the door and we both come out. 

Xander gives me a kiss and goes to join his parents.

I put my arm around Nicki and kiss her cheek.

We look around at all the people chatting around the tables, our family, friends.

“I think my life really is a fairy tale,” I say as my eyes lock with Xander’s from a distance.



I hope you'll agree with me that Ash and Xander's story wouldn't be complete without their fairy tale wedding.
You may have noticed a very special guest at their wedding, Prince Kris of Lydovia.
If you haven't yet read my Chester Falls series then you might want to check out the first book, How to Catch a Prince. Who do you think will catch the heart of the prince of Lydovia? 
How To Catch A Prince Cover.jpg

Tall, dark and handsome. 
Walks and talks like an exotic prince.
Also, my fake boyfriend.

It wasn’t even my idea to start with. 
But when Kris offered to be my date to my sister’s wedding how could I say no?


Not only will it make my clingy ex get the memo…
I also get to spend more time with Kris. The foreign man with the thinly-veiled accent who makes my heart skip… not just a beat, but several.


But Kris is only in town for a short while, and I? 
I could never catch a prince even in my wildest dreams.

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