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Special Announcement!!

I am so unbelievably happy I am finally be able to share this!

I’ve teamed up with a massive group of MM romance authors to bring you 100+ free stories that will be available for all of 2022 through Prolific Works. It’s going to be the biggest giveaway ever done, and it’ll be amazing. Make sure to like and follow our page where everything will be announced:

My story will be a prequel to a new series I’ll be releasing next year, Dads of Stillwater, and it’s called Newcomer.

I lost everything in the fight for my daughter...

So, with my tail between my legs and completely out of options, I ran back to Stillwater. The town that stole everything from me.

The only silver lining is...Arlo.

Arlo, who won my daughter’s heart with a simple gesture. Arlo, who charmed me before I even knew his name. And here I thought returning home was going to be yet another train-wreck.

How could I not fall for the guy who didn’t think twice about taking a phallic-looking plant into a bar for a drink. We both have secrets, baggage, and a connection that feels more real than any I’ve had before.

But I can’t start something new. Not now, not here. Not in the town that still hates me and is not afraid to show me every step of the way.

Besides, I need to put Ava first.

Can the newcomer and the returnee change the town that never changes?

Newcomer is a prequel novel to Ana Ashley’s new series, Dads of Stillwater.

Welcome to Stillwater where you can find single dads, sassy kids and Ana’s usual cast of intriguing secondary characters.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. I’ll be sharing more about the Dads of Stillwater series soon.

Cover by Ethereal Designs. Rhys Everly-Lawless worked really hard on the concept for this series covers and I'm so in love with it.

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