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A Prince and a Rival Deal

👑2 for 1 DEAL👑

HOW TO CATCH A PRINCE is the first book in the CHESTER FALLS series and introduces you to the small town and people of Chester Falls.

HOW TO CATCH A Rival brings what happens when shiny, happy, Tom enters a bake-off and finds he’s in competition with the closed-off, emotionless icicle that is his boss’s son, Wren.

🍰Sweet men

🧁Sexy situations

🍰Interfering friends

🧁Lots of feels

🍰Happy ever afters… Chester Falls has it all.

Get How to Catch a Prince HERE for only $3.99

Get How to Catch a Rival HERE for only 99cents

Buy both books for the price of one. And why not extend the super deal and get the audio at a reduced price with Whispersync.

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