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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

On Tuesday, March 31 I unpublished the Made in Series.

Made in New York, Made in Portugal, Made in Paris, Made in Manhattan, and Made in Lisbon by Ana Newfolk are no longer available for sale as ebooks or paperbacks.

The Made in series is very dear to my heart. When the plot for Made in Portugal grew in my head I couldn't have imagined it would turn into a series with three novels and two short stories, and another book to come.

The problem is that as they were, the books weren't receiving the attention they deserved and because of this I decided to republish the whole series under my new pen name Ana Ashley and finally finish the series.

I am currently revising all the books before I write the final book (if you've read the series you'll know there's a few characters still to have their HEA).

The hope is that each book will release from mid April onwards.

Have you got the Made in series already?

Don't worry, there will be no major changes to the stories or the plots. My revisions will be minimal. You are not missing out.

As the books will be republished, if you already have the old editions they won't update when the new ones are published.

Special offer for readers that have purchased the Made ins.

Did you buy the original ebooks and loved them? Do you love them so much you now want the new editions? Don't worry, you won't have to spend your money twice.

From the date each book is published and until May 31st 2020, if you want the new version of the book you have already purchased all you need to do is email me proof of purchase to, then add the address to your permitted kindle addresses, and include your kindle email in the email you send me. I will match your purchase with the new version of the same book, but only until May 31st.

The exception to this will be Made in New York and Made in Paris as these will no longer be published as standalones books.

Please note this offer does not extend to paperbacks.

Ana Ashley needs YOU!

Do you feel more people should know about these stories?

I am putting together a street team to help me promote the re-release of the series. This means I am looking for readers who want to get involved in sharing the releases and reviewing the books.

What do you get in exchange? Well... there are a few perks.

Why not check out the application form below?

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