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Antagonist, Chapter 1 preview

Harrison and Fletcher are taking me for quite a ride. This enemies-to-lovers-slash-opposites-attract story is going to hit all the feels but also all the fun buttons.

Here's chapter 1 for your enjoyment.

Antagonist releases on May 6 and is currently available to pre-order


Increased heart rate and palpitations. Check.

Sweating and hot flashes. Check.

Feelings of terror or impending doom. Check.

“You’re not having a panic attack. You’re simply realizing that you’re a terribly stupid man with little willpower for saying no to certain people in your life.” I stare at myself in the mirror of the almost-palatial bathroom of Lexington-Hall Manor.

Seriously, I’ve never been in a bathroom that has paintings hanging on the walls, where the mirrors have gilded frames and the hand towels are on a heated holder.

Anyway, back to the freakout.

I haven’t had a date since…fuck, I can’t even remember.

There was that big divorce case that kept me busy for the best part of six months. I was trying to make senior partner at my law firm, and then there was the accident and planning the move…

Thoughts of my daughter on the hospital bed, with bruises all over her tiny body, and her leg in a cast fill my head. I shake it off, forcing myself to put that particular painful memory aside. She’s fully recovered now, aside from the PT, to regain strength and full mobility as she’s growing.

I let out a calming breath. My eyes trace the outline of the old-fashioned mirror down to the copper faucets.

“It’s not a date. It’s just a bachelor auction to raise money for a good cause. No big deal. You smile, someone makes a donation, you spend some time together. That’s it.” I mutter to myself. “Just get over yourself and go out there.”

“What’s worrying you about the auction?”

I look up and through the mirror, my gaze locks into the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. How was I so lost in my pity party that I didn’t notice I’m no longer alone?

A wave of awareness comes over me as I see those eyes, bright and laser-focused on me, aren't even by far the most attractive feature on the man’s face. He has a straight nose, full lips, a short beard, and straight long blond hair that frames his features perfectly.

He smiles and I swear, if I wasn’t so worried about being auctioned to a stranger, my dick would definitely take notice of the beautiful stranger. As it is, if the guy keeps looking at me like that, it won’t take too long. Because yes, that’s how long it’s been since anyone captured my attention…or anything else.

“What?” I say, hoping my awkwardness doesn’t show.

“Why are you worried? It’s just some fun,” he replies noncommittally, walking to the sink next to mine.

Closer up, the guy is even more stunning.

“Are you also being auctioned?” I ask.

“Fuck no.” He snorts and turns the faucet on to wash his hands. I notice what looks like paint stains on his long fingers. “I’m here to watch the show and have a good time.”

I don’t know why, but his reply annoys me. Maybe because I wish I was in his place, just here to enjoy the show. I ignore him and walk to the door.

“Are you afraid someone will pay to spend time with you, or that no one will pay to spend time with you?”

His question stops me and I let go of the bathroom door handle and turn around.

“What do you mean?”

“I can imagine that having no one bid is what would worry me. Does it worry you?”