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Blurb reveal - What's our Bachelor about?

How to Catch a Bachelor is one of those books that is going to stay with me for a while. I loved writing it so much that toward the end I didn't want to let go.

Tate and Indy worked so hard for their HEA that I felt I wanted to stay with them and hug them at the end.

My consolation prize is that I still get to write the bonus scene for my newsletter subscribers. Which reminds me, if you're not subscribed to my newsletter, you can do it here.

I've shared the cover and the pre-order link has been up for a little while.

If you want to know what this book is about then I have a blurb for you.

Does it tease? Oh yes it does.

And I can promise so much fun and banter in this book, especially with those secondary characters we all love to see over and over again. Any guesses as to whom it may be?

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