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Cover Reveal - How to Catch a Bachelor

I'm delighted to share the cover of the next book in the Chester Falls series.

How to Catch a Bachelor is the story of Indy and Tate.

Who are they?

Indy has been around since the very beginning and he's featured in every book. He's the owner of the town square coffee shop, Spilled Beans.

Tate is...a new character. He's a lawyer who lives and works in Boston, but he does have a connection to Chester Falls.

I'm going to be a tease and not reveal what that connection is but I'll give you a little hint. There's a clue in How to Catch a Bookworm.

If you haven't read bookworm you'll be pleased to know you can read it for free by signing up to my newsletter here.

What else can you expect from this book?

- Opposites attract

- A meddling hippie family with a penchant for purchasing phallic-shaped bakeware

- A wedding...or two

How to Catch a Bachelor is planned to release at some point in July. Likely mid to late July.

If you want to catch up with the series then there are already three books out and two of them even have an audiobook companion. Awesome, right?

How to Catch a Prince - also on audio

How to Catch a Rival - also on audio

How to Catch a Bodyguard - audio coming soon

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