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Breakthrough - coming Oct 11

Teaser from Milo's POV

"We probably have more questions now than ever before. But I liked this. I like you, Ellis. At the risk of sounding sad and desperate…can we just enjoy ourselves and see where it leads?"
I caress his face and gaze into his warm brown eyes. The heat has been pushed back and I see the soft Milo that's captured my attention for months.
"I mean, we don't have to tell anyone or anything." He tries to push away, but I pull him closer and kiss him.
"I will never be embarrassed to be with you or to have people know I'm with you, Milo. I don't know if further down the line I can give you what you need, and that worries me because I don't want to hurt you. Our age gap worries me, but I can't resist you. And I don't have the strength to push you away."
He nods. "Okay." And then he brings his hand up to my face, caressing my temple. "Ellis, whatever happens between us, I'll make you believe you're not too old for me or anyone. You're perfect."
I pull him closer, and he comes willingly, resting his face against my neck.
Every time he breathes out, it tickles, and it's fucking perfect.
"Are you doing anything tomorrow?" I ask.
"Do you want to bring Sara and spend the day at the lake with me?"
He looks up to meet my eyes and smiles.
"I'd love to. I might have to ask her personal assistant though. Her schedule is quite busy, you know?"
I slap his ass, and he groans.
"I probably should go," he says. "Florrie will wonder why I'm so late."
"Just tell her you were busy blowing your boss."
I like Milo's carefree smile and the fact I put it there. I like it a lot.
If I'm not careful, he's going to melt the ice around my heart and make me question the decision I made when I moved away from Boston.

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