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Chester Falls is getting a makeover

With a fashion designer, an interior designer and royalty in our midst, it's no wonder Chester Falls would have a makeover at some point.
It's been just over three years since How to Catch a Prince released. Trends change and sometimes even the most perfect cover needs a little updating.
I fell in love with the concept of the covers for Chester Falls made by Rhys Everly-Lawless from the first day.
With every new release, Rhys continued to surprise me. Needless to say, those covers will always be in my heart.
But, it's time for a new look.
Our experts- cough- Tom- cough- have been consulted and here is the result.
I can show you the covers for How to Catch a Bookworm and How to Catch a Prince. The rest are still being designed but as soon as I have them all I will be updating the listings on Amazon. This includes the paperback.
If you want to make sure you secure the old covers before the change, please visit the Chester Falls series page here.
Without further ado...

I will announce the rest of the new covers as I have them and when I change them over.
Please let me know in the comments what you think :)
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2 Kommentare

Lisa Klein
Lisa Klein
02. Feb. 2023


Gefällt mir

Love them. Now I need to justify a 2nd edition copy🙈

Anka is waiting to order them I am

Gefällt mir
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