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Forget Halloween, we're here for Christmas

As soon as I Bubble had a short appearance in How to Catch a Happy Ever After I knew he needed his own story. He was just too extraordinarily fabulous to stay on the sidelines.
The part-time barista and cheerleader coach has the hots for the much older high school football coach, except Coach isn't exactly straight...or is he?

Coming November 8

🎄 Christmas Bubble 🎄

“One dark-soul espresso and a sad chocolate-chip cupcake coming right up,” I say to one of our regulars at Spilled Beans.
The customer stares at me, her eyes blinking.
“Would you like anything else?”
“Can I have a happy chocolate-chip cupcake?” she asks, tilting her head and making a cute face to get a smile out of me. Not happening today.
I look at the display in front of me. All the cakes and pastries created by my boss are impeccable, but I don’t see anything happy.
“No, sorry, sweetie. But they’re freshly baked and super delicious.”