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Heartstring Teaser - February 10



"I'm taking you and that's final," I say, grabbing my coat from the hanger by the door.
"Fine. But you're not coming inside."
"Why not?"
"Because this is my thing and I don't want Mr. David to think I'm a kid who needs to be dropped off by my dad."
I laugh. "It's snowing, Kay. Why would he care if someone is dropping you off?"
He grunts her reply so I ignore her. I will never understand teenagers. It scares me more that as she's growing up I'll have to deal with her first girlfriend, broken hearts, late nights. Sometimes I wish I could have my baby girl back. She still argued like the best of them, but having her asleep on my chest was grounding and magical.
"Why is there a sappy look on your face?" she asks as we set off.

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