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Heartstring Teaser Jan 14

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash



"I'll race you there," Mik says.
I want to kiss the cocky smile off his face so badly that I take a step back and curl my hands into fists on either side of me.
"That's an unfair race."
He shrugs. "Life isn't fair."
No, it isn't, I think. It's unfair that he has the blondest hair and lightest blue eyes I've ever seen.
It's unfair how my heart jolts every time I see him roll down the window of his parents' car when he picks me up for school.
Maybe his parents would think it's unfair that he makes their driver take a daily detour through the less up-and-coming areas just so we can ride to school together. But they don't know. His kind driver, Mr. Stevens, swore he'd never tell.
It would be unfair if he got fired over it.
The world is definitely an unfair place to be. But when I'm with Mik nothing else matters. Just us and the music we love making together.
"What are you thinking?" he asks.

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