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Here's an exclusive reward for Attic members all the way from Australia!

It's almost a week since I left home for Australia and five days since I arrived. Jet lag has been kicking my butt. I've never thought I'd suffer this much but it's my own fault. Usually I travel with someone, so on arrival we get busy and don't sleep until it's time to sleep.

I catch up on the first night and then I'm good to go.

This time, because I was rooming with Nora Phoenix and she was delayed by a day, I was left to my own devices, which meant I gave in to sleep.

Since the first day I've had broken sleep at night. It doesn't affect me in the day but it's such a pain in the butt to be wide awake in the middle of the night for no reason.

Jet lag aside, I'm having a great time. Nora posted about her accident on social media so you may have heard she fell while we were out and hurt her hip. We spent the day in the ER but fortunately she was all good and it was nothing that required her canceling any of her plans.

I have a surprise for you!!

Before I show you a few pics from the first signing at GLO yesterday, I want to tell you about a gift I have that is exclusive to members in the Attic.

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