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How to Catch a Vet: Cover, blurb and excerpt

The first thing I learned at Vet school was to always expect the unexpected. Well, I sure never saw Santiago Torres or his adorable Great Dane coming.

Santi is everything I’m not. Tall, confident, overbearing, and if I’m to believe his advances, he’s also very experienced in...well, you know what.

I always play safe, but it’s time to ditch the v-card. We couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t matter because this is just a one time thing.

I’m not going to want more, right? I’m not going to fall for him, right?

How to Catch a Vet is the sixth book in the Chester Falls series and features an opposites attract story between a virgin and a player, a Great Dane with a tendency to rescue- read kidnap- other people’s pets, and a small town like no other.

Excerpt from Santi's POV

On my to do list, closing the dog flap to the backyard was now a priority. Duchess could learn to call me if she wanted to go out. The thing was getting too small for her anyway.

I popped a piece of bread in the toaster and filled a cup with coffee.

With my, now late, breakfast on the kitchen table, I took out the number for the vet and called them up.

"Chester Falls Vets, this is April, how can I help?"

"Hi…um, I have a situation here and I need some advice."

"Is the animal in distress?" she asked.

I looked at the dog and duck in front of me.

"Definitely not," I chuckled.

"Excellent, what is the situation?"

"My dog brought home a duck."

There was a moment of silence. I looked at the phone and saw the call was still connected.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"I came downstairs this morning and my dog had brought a duck in. I don't know what to do."

"What is the duck doing now?"

"Um…" I closed my eyes and scrunched up my face, ready for the call to get disconnected. "The duck is asleep with my dog on her bed."

"Good, well, this is good news," she said.

"It is?"

"Yes, ducks protect you from negative emotions and help you get ready to accept and experience human relationships. Ducks will help you become a healthy and loving human."

Did she just…huh?

"I'm sorry, is there a veterinarian doctor I can speak to?"

"Oh, of course. I'll call doctor Sawyer for you."

I remembered the old town vet. My brother and I had had a gerbil when we were kids, but it died prematurely. Doctor Sawyer had been great with us but we’d been too upset to ever consider having another pet.

She put me on hold and a moment later I'm greeted with a soft, smooth voice that didn’t sound at all like doctor Sawyer, who must be, what, eighty?

"Hello, this is doctor Sawyer, my assistant tells me you have a ducking situation?"

I snorted and looked at my phone, sad that I couldn’t see the old doctor’s face because I wanted to hear him say those words with a straight face.

"Yes, I guess I do have a ducking situation."

"So, about your duck…are you keeping it?"

"What? I can't keep a duck." I said. My voice going up a few decibels.

"Where's the duck again?" he asked.

"Sleeping with my dog in the…" Fuck. "Yeah, I guess I'm keeping the ducking duck."

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