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What was the most appropriate reaction when you opened the door to your house and found the two men that had occupied most of your thoughts for months?

Gasp? Curse? Freeze?

Nope, clearly closing the door in their faces was the thing to do.

I mean, they weren’t really there, were they? Maybe I needed a nap. I’d never hallucinated from jet lag before, but there was always a first.

“Did I hear the doorbell?” my uncle said, poking his head out of the kitchen.

“Um, yes…I’ll get it,” I said.

I opened the door slowly, my heartbeat increasing with each inch that revealed Mal and Griff, still there, looking every bit the sexy couple I’d hooked up with, and now also totally confused.

“Jake,” Griff said with a shy, tentative smile before he looked at Mal.

Mal looked back at Griff.

Just like that day months ago, they were communicating only by looking at each other. It made me feel excluded, even though I had no right to feel that way.

“Um, how can I help?” I asked.

They both looked at me, but this time, Griff’s smile was warm, calm, and inviting. Fuck if I didn’t want to wrap myself up in it.

I definitely need to catch up with my sleep.

All my bad decisions happened when I was overtired, and I was done with making bad decisions. Case in point, the couple in front of me.

“Oh, boys, you’re here. Come on in.”

I jumped as my uncle seemed to have come out of nowhere and opened the door wider.

“I see you’ve met my nephew, Jacob. My son is around somewhere, but he promised to join us for lunch.”

I stared open-mouthed as Mal and Griff followed my uncle inside.

What the actual fuck was going on?

“Jacob, this is Mallory and Griffin Prescott. Mallory is the new resort general manager,” my uncle said.

“The new…general manager?”

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