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The Lost Fiancé Twist is coming


Relationship status: it’s complicated.

Being ghosted by the love of your life sucks. Zero out of ten, do not recommend.

One day, we’re exchanging rings and picking honeymoon destinations, and the next, Emery is just…gone.

A year later, as I'm forcing myself to move on, I bump into him.

While my brothers would love to find creative ways to get the truth out of Emery, I just want answers.

When it becomes clear Emery isn't lying about losing his memory in a car accident, I have a choice to make.

Do I let him go or try to win him back?

The Lost Fiancé Twist is book one in Ana Ashley's new series featuring the charming and far-too-handsome-for-their-own-good Spencer Brothers.

Expect romance, heat, fun, and plenty of laughs from a loving but slightly too meddlesome family unit.


I've never been so excited about a new series as I am about this one. The plot bunny with the amnesia trope came to me via a reader and it took root in my head, refusing to go away.

Next thing I knew, a three-book series was in the works.

The audiobook is already recorded by Alexander Cendese and will be out any moment now.

Want to hear a sample?

The Audible link is on the video. At the time of posting it's not available but it should be within a few days.


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