How to Catch a Rival - Bonus Scene

The Six Months Anniversary

Read and listen to the narration by Nick Hudson

Bonus scene from How to Catch a Rival narrated by Nick Hudson


“Hey, how’s it going?” Tristan said as he approached the bench I sat at in the town square. “I see you do it too.”

“Do what?” I asked, knowing already what he was going to say.

“Watch your man from afar.”

I looked back towards Fabulize, the fashion store owned by the man who’d stolen my heart just six months ago. Tom was by the window, dressing one of his mannequins. Even from where I sat I could see the look of concentration on his beautiful face.

Tristan looked at his watch and sat next to me, his gaze on Bookmarked, or rather on Ben who was doing something on the checkout computer.

“I love coming here just before closing time and watch Ben as he puts his books back on the shelves, or as he jokes with Ellie about whatever thing they both find funny.”

“It’s amazing seeing Tom realize his dream. He always looks so happy, even when I can tell he’s tired,” I said.

Tristan hummed is agreement. I’d often wondered if the benches in the town square had been strategically placed by someone of influence, who wanted the perfect place to watch over a loved one.

“Ben and I are going to O’Mahoney’s tonight, do you and Tom want to join us?” Tristan asked.

“Thanks, maybe next time. It’s our six months anniversary.”

“Oh, I see. In that case, congratulations and have a great time tonight.”

Tristan bumped his shoulder against mine before he got up and left toward Spilled Beans, no doubt to get Ben one of his favorite vanilla and cinnamon lattes.

My gaze went back to Tom, who now had a dozen scarves on his shoulder and was trying them one by one on the mannequin. He was likely talking to his muse, Coco Chanel, under his breath and then agreed that the outfit didn’t need the scarf.

My chest felt tight with the intensity of the love I felt for him. I looked at the clock on the Town Hall building, standing up from the bench as if it had springs when I saw it was one minute past closing time.

Tom was no longer at the front of the store. I wanted a silent entry, but I knew it was impossible because the little bell above the door announced my presence as soon as I opened the door.

“I’m sorry we’re—”

Tom didn’t finish what he was saying before he jumped into my arms, wrapping his legs around my waist and stealing a kiss from me. His tongue demanded entry into my mouth, which I was more than happy to oblige.

“Angel,” I gasped against his lips as he sucked on mine and then moved to that spot beneath my ear lobe he knew always drove me insane.

I moved around to turn the lock on the door and then to switch the main lights in the store off, leaving only the spotlights in the window.

“Say it again,” he demanded.

I walked us to the back where Tom had the best sex couch in the world. His words.

“Angel, my Angel. God, I love you so much,” I whispered in his hear.

When I’d put together the paperwork for the lease of the shop months ago, I’d found out Tom’s middle name was Angel. He’d told me no one had ever called him by his middle name so he almost forgot he wasn’t just Tom.

I’d told him then he would never be just anything. He was my Tom, my Angel, my love, my everything.

Tom’s hands tightened around my shoulders and he moved his hips to get some friction against his hard cock.

“I love you too, Sprinkles.”

I chuckled at the ridiculous nickname he gave me. One kitchen accident and I was stuck with the name for life. Thank goodness he only used it in private… so far, at least.

He whimpered when I pressed him against a wall half-way toward our final destination.

I knew all of Tom’s sounds, and this was no regular lust filled moan.

“Baby, are you wearing a plug?” I asked, pulled my head pack to look at him.

His cheeks were adorably flushed as he trapped his lips between his teeth. He nodded.

“Do you remember the store’s pre-opening party?” he asked, his hand moving from my back and his fingers trailing a path from my Adam’s apple to the top button on my shirt.


“Do you remember what you said you’d do?”

I nuzzled Tom’s neck, pushing him further against the wall.

“Uh huh. I remember. Is that what you want, Angel? You want me to fuck you in your changing room. Right here, in the store where anyone passing by could see?”

“Fuck yes, with a cherry on top.”

With Tom in my arms I walked us into the changing room on the opposite side of the store. When we got inside the changing room Tom unwrapped himself from me to close the heavy curtain that gave his customers privacy to change.

I knew it was unlikely anyone would see us from the street, but with the assortment of mirrors Tom had all over the store it was definitely safer to keep the curtains closed.

Tom placed himself in front of me but facing the floor to ceiling mirror. He locked his eyes with mine as his fingers undid each button on his shirt.

When all the buttons were undone he removed the shirt, giving his hips a slight tilt as if he was putting on a show for me. It was near enough impossible for my cock to not react to Tom, even when we were doing something as innocent as watching TV or making dinner together, but now I was painfully hard, and he knew it.

“Are you going to stand there and watch, or are you going to get naked too?” he asked.

“In a hurry, Angel?”

“To have your thick cock inside me? You bet your bubble butt I am.”

Against his wish I didn’t get undressed, but I did get on my knees behind Tom and then turned him around and pushed him against the changing room wall. He yelped when his back hit the cold brick wall.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror,” I said.

I palmed his erection over the soft fabric of his slacks, but I didn’t want to tease him too much. Knowing Tom, he’d have been wearing the plug for the best part of the afternoon and was ready to blow, and I didn’t want that to happen before I was inside him.

His cock was so hard it nearly hit me in the face when I pulled his slacks and underwear down to his feet. He started lifting his feet to get fully naked, but I held his ankle in place at the same time as our eyes met in the mirror.


“I want to taste you, baby,” I said, stroking him gently and sucking his balls one at a time, moving slowly up his shaft.

“Nhmm stop, please, if you touch me I’ll come,” he begged.

I loved that he was so desperate for me. The last six months had been so full of highs I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it didn’t seem that it ever would. Tom was simply my perfect match, my teammate.

“Turn around,” I said.

He did and arched his back so I had a perfect view of the end of his plug. I stood up, standing fully clothed and flush against him.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw Tom’s eyes on us. I brushed my thumb against his nipple, feeling as it hardened under my touch, and then paid equal attention to the other.

Tom leaned his head back onto my shoulder, his breath ragged. “Please, I need you.”

I captured his mouth with mine at the same time as I pulled his plug out, and then unzipped my jeans, pulled my cock out and lined it up with his eager hole.

“Look at you, Angel,” I whispered in his ear, tilting his head so he faced the mirror again.

I pushed my way inside him gently, feeling the slick, tight heat around my cock and stopping only when I was fully seated.

Tom let out a contented sigh followed by a moan when I sucked a patch of skin on the sensitive spot at the back of his neck.

“I’ve been waiting to feel your magic cock inside me all day,” he said, pulling his hips away from me and pushing back again.

I placed my hand on his on wall and linked our fingers, while my other arm went around his waist to keep him in place. I thought he’d use his free hand to jerk himself but when he put his arm around mine on his waist, I knew what he needed.

“This is going to be fast and hard, baby,” I said.

“I’m here for it, with bells on."

After a few slow moves in and out of Tom, I was happy enough that he’d adjusted to my size and increased my pace.

The sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed around the store alongside Tom's little moans of pleasure. My jeans had ridden down my legs and pooled around my ankles. In the mirror, the reflection of our bodies joined was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life.

Tom’s cock leaked ferociously. His moans increasing in pitch each time I hit his prostate. 

“Open your eyes, baby,” I said. “I want you to see us. See how beautiful you look all flushed. You feel so good, Angel.”

“Wren, please. I need to come. Make me come now or—”

“Or what, Angel?” I wanted to laugh at his likely empty threat, but he decided to meet each of my thrusts with his own. “Fuck.”

I knew Tom would find a way to turn the table on me and take control to get to his orgasm faster, and that’s what he did.

He stood straight up and clenched his muscles around my cock. I kept up the fast pace knowing this position made it easier to keep hitting his prostate and reach for his cock at the same time.

Tom reached out behind me with one hand on my thigh to keep me going and the other went around my neck to pull me in for a kiss.

“I’m so close, Wren. So close.”

“Me too, baby.”

A few of strokes of his cock was all it took. Tom’s whole body shook with pleasure and he released my mouth, giving me the opportunity to watch him in the mirror.

Looking into Tom’s beautiful violet eyes, my body stopped being my own. I was as powerless to stop thrusting into his tight channel as I was to control my incoming orgasm.

“I love you so much, Sprinkles,” he said as he tried to get his breath back and kiss me at the same time.

I pulled slowly out of Tom and sat on the leather seat I hadn’t noticed before, taking Tom down with me. “I love you too, Angel.”

His hair was all over the place and I was still wearing my shirt. I chuckled. “Talk about getting down and dirty, hey?”

“No one got down, babe, only dirty. And you can fucking do that to me again any time,” he said curling into me. “In fact, I might make it part of my end of day procedures. Cash up, tidy up, sex in the changing room.”

As he shivered, I remembered he was fully naked and my release was leaking from him onto my bare legs.

“Oops,” he shrugged, but reached out to a small shelf under the seat and brought out a box of tissues, and started cleaning us up.

“Why do you have tissues in your changing rooms?” I asked.

“You’ll be surprised at how often my clients get all emosh on me when they see how they look after I Fabulize them.”

Once we were clean, we got dressed and made sure the changing room was back to its original state. That included cleaning the floor and wall where Tom had come on so fabulously. Just the thought of it was making me hard again.

“Angel, come here,” I said, sitting on the comfortable sofa in Tom’s office. He was putting some paperwork and designs away before we left the store.

“What’s up?” He sat on my lap and ran his hands up and down my chest. “Are you ready to go again? Because I think I need food first, Sprinkles.”

I laughed and put my hand on the back of his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

“Baby, you turn me on just by existing, but even I need some recovery time.”

I took my phone out and tapped the video app. A few seconds later, Gina’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hello my darlings, how are you doing? I hope you’re celebrating your anniversary in style.”

Tom looked at me and then the screen.

“Hi G.,” he said waiving back.

“Angel, I have a gift for you,” I said.

“And it’s not the one he’s just given you,” Gina said with a sassy laugh.

Tom’s face went an adorable shade of pink. When I’d met Tom, I thought nothing would ever phase him, but in the last six months I’d learned that yes, he was confident and self-assured but he was also a super sweet homebody who was occasionally shy.

“What gift? I don’t understand.” He leaned further into me and I put my free arm around his waist.

Gina flipped the camera and Tom gasped. “Oh my god. Is that—”

On the small screen there was a litter of kittens feeding from their mummy, Cosmo, Gina’s cat.

“They’re so cute, Gina. You never told me Cosmo was pregnant,” Tom said, beaming.

“That’s because we didn’t know. The little sneaky hussy has been canoodling with the new neighbor’s cat,” Gina said.

We saw Cosmo look up to the phone and meow as if she knew we were talking about her. 

“They are adorable, Gina,” Tom said.

I placed a kiss on his hair and whispered, “do you want to see your present?”

He lifted his head, his eyes as wide as saucers. It was adorable how he was trying to contain his smile just in case he wasn’t about to hear what he hoped for.

“Show him Gina,” I said to the phone.

The image moved to where one of Coco’s kittens was asleep on a colorful scarf, totally ignoring his little brothers and sisters scrambling all over each other to feed.

“Who’s that one?”

“That one is ours, baby. Happy anniversary,” I said.

“Oh, my holy glitter crickets, are you serious?” He clasped his hands in front of his mouth.

I nodded and Tom let out the happiest shriek as he bounced up and down on my lap.

“My darlings, I’ve got to go,” Gina said. “Tom, sweetie, I’ll come by the store tomorrow. I need a super outfit for a dinner.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have a cocktail waiting for you. Thank you so much, G.”

I put the phone down on the sofa and did what I wanted to do the moment I saw Tom’s reaction to the baby kitten. I kissed him.

“When can we go see him?”


“It’s a girl?”

“Yup, we’re the proud parents of a baby girl kitten.”

Tom’s eyes watered. In one of our post sex chats a while ago he’d confessed that because he’d grown up in the city his mom didn’t think it was right to have a pet that would be confined to their apartment.

When Gina had told me of Cosmo’s predicament, my first thought was to fulfill Tom’s dream. In the last six months Tom had worked so hard to make his business work, he’d been there for my first game as coach of the high school football team, and he’d even baked a batch of rainbow cupcakes when the team won their first game of the season.

Tom was perfect. Our life together was perfect, and the kitten was the cherry on top.

“Can I call her Coco?” he asked.

“You’ll find it’s a very fitting name, Angel.”

I pulled up the photos Gina had sent me earlier and showed them to Tom. Coco was mostly black with beautiful, shiny fur, and around her neck were white spots that almost looked like a pearl necklace.

“She’s so perfect,” Tom said. “I’ve always wanted a pet, and she’s so…” his voice broke and I pulled him into a hug.

“Come on, Angel. Let’s pick up food from Benny’s and go home. I made you a cake.”

“With sprinkles?”

“What do you think?”

“I think I must have done something incredible in a previous life to get you in this one.”

He stood up and held his hand for me. I followed him as I knew I would, anywhere, everywhere, forever.

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