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How to Catch the Boss - Teaser Chapter

How to Catch the Boss is coming in less than a week.

I'm so excited for this book. Luca and Ryan were so easy to write, and I loved showing a little bit of Lydovia.

For those of you who've read How to Catch a Bodyguard you will have met Ryan briefly, so here's the first chapter of How to Catch the Boss for you from Luca's point of view.

Chapter 1 – Luca

Six months into my job as a Royal Special Guard, and arriving at the palace of the Lydovian royal family still hadn't gotten old.

In fact, with the change of the seasons, pulling up to the guarded gate always felt magical. It seemed no one celebrated the passing of time with as much effort as the Lydovians.

From summer to autumn and then winter, the country dressed their streets accordingly. Even the weather seemed to cooperate.

And Christmas?

Maybe it was because this was a special year with Prince Kristoff's wedding happening two weeks before Christmas. Even though he was second in line to the throne, after his recently crowned sister, Queen Aleksandra, the streets were decorated as if every single person in the country lived at the palace. Everyone was part of the celebration.

Lights, colourful decorations, traditional window displays, you name it. Even the weather seemed to have been ordered especially for the occasion.

I pulled up to the gate and showed my ID before the guard let me through.

Driving under the big stone arch adorned by the seal of the royal family always made my spine tingle.

I parked in my usual spot. Ryan's car was already there. He was always the first one in and the last one out. Always on call. The Lieutenant of the Royal Guard always did everything right.

"Morning, guys," I said, walking inside our shared office and dropping the boxes I was carrying onto an empty desk.

"Oh, what have we got here?" Zeke asked, going straight for the top box and opening it.

The scent of the apple-and-cinnamon-filled doughnuts made my mouth water. I'd been addicted to the Lydovian speciality ever since I tried them on my second day in the country.

There wasn't a single dessert that matched my mom's apple-cinnamon pie. But after spending the best part of the last six years deployed away from home, these doughnuts were the closest I could get to walking into my parents' kitchen and seeing my mom chopping apples, listening to the radio, and singing out of tune.

They were also a reminder that I was way overdue a trip home to see my family.

"I figured since you put up with me for the last six months, it was the least I could do," I said.

"Damn, I'm gonna need to hit the gym again later," Zeke said, looking like he had zero regrets as he stuffed his face with one doughnut while grabbing a second one to take to his desk. The other three guys on the team followed suit, fist-bumping me on the way back to their desks.

"Where's the boss?" I asked.

"Meeting with the Prime Minister to go over the final security details for the royal wedding."

I turned my computer on and scrolled through the news websites to check if there was anything that could hint at a security threat. Particularly any indication of a leak of our plans.

Every TV channel, newspaper, and radio station had a team stationed around the palace, reporting any information they could get their hands on. It seemed not even the cold December temperatures did much to keep the press, or the fans, away.

I went onto the main Lydovian news channel website to catch the livestream. Their royal correspondent was an excitable young reporter who seemed to have struck a note with the public. I put my earbuds in and turned the volume up.

“Everyone in Lydovia is getting ready for the wedding of the year. For many fans of the royal couple, this celebration is the kickstart to the season of goodwill, peace, blessings, and family. I'm here at the royal palace, speaking to fans of Prince Kristoff and his American groom, Charlie Williams. Good morning, sir. I'm Libby Verkov from LBC. How long have you been out here?"

"I got here yesterday. I'm really hoping I can see Prince Kristoff and Charlie."