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Listen to Breakthrough now!

Breakthrough will hit reader's kindles in less than a week. Early reviews are coming through and readers are loving Milo's sweetness, Ellis' steadiness and their chemistry.
This is very much a story that many people connect with because these two guys could be someone we know.
I've been in Milo's shoes once upon a time. So many times I walked across London to go to work instead of taking public transport. So many times my dinner was buttered toast and a cup of coffee. Many of my friends also faced similar challenges. It was a moment in time but an experience that has made me appreciate the good things when they come, but also not take anything for granted.

I loved every moment of writing this story and I can't wait until it's out in the world for everyone to read. already is...
The audiobook came out this week so if you're a fan of audiobooks or you want to read the story first by listening to it, you can do it now.

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