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New Release - How to Catch a Bookworm

How to Catch a Bookworm is a Chester Falls 12k short story and is now available on Amazon.

This story happens before the events of How to Catch a Prince and introduces some of the characters that readers will meet in the series.

How to Catch a Bookworm will also be available on paperback and audio soon.


Ben has two passions in life, books and Bookmarked, the bookstore he owns in the town of Chester Falls. But when he spots the guy across the bar, all broody, gorgeous and hard muscle, he can't resist reaching out.  Tristan's life could be worse, but moving into a new town and finding your boyfriend cheating on you with a random guy, all on the same day, is pretty up there on the scale of 'how much worse can it get?

Things start looking up the moment the sexy stranger with the nerdy glasses and deep brown eyes asks him the right question at the right time.

It was a one off. It meant nothing. Right?

When fate traps Ben and Tristan into a second meeting, will Ben finally listen to his best friend? And will Tristan put his past aside to catch his sexy bookworm?

Welcome to Chester Falls, where you can expect to meet sweet men, sexy situations, interfering friends and lots, lots of feels.

How To Catch A Bookwork is a 12k, MM romance short story set in the small town of Chester Falls. The events in this story happen before the events of How to Catch a Prince.

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