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The Island - Chapter 3

My goodness, talk about flying by the seat of my pants!

In the last two weeks as I finished the first book in the Spencer Brothers trilogy and then wrote the extra short story I didn't have much time to do anything else.

Of course once you start publishing a serial you can't exactly go "soz my dears I'm skipping a few weeks because I was busy". Nope. And I hate letting people down so today I put my head down and wrote the next chapter.

Here it is our welcome to Sam.


Chapter 3


I'd met Gabe twice with a combined total of twelve hours. But in that short time I knew he'd play a major role in my life.

In the same way I knew the moment I set my eyes on a camera that I wanted to be a photographer, or when I first found attraction to a boy, I knew I was gay.

My sister always said that my eyes didn't produce tears, they produced super glue, because if there was something that caught their attention, they never let go.

So as I walked towards Gabe's lonely figure at the edge of his garden overlooking the ocean I wanted to do many things. Run my hand down his back. Kiss his cheek. Take him in my arms and make sure he was really here, and this wasn't my imagination or my mind playing tricks.

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