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What is Ana up to - Birthday Edition

Today I'm entering the last year of my thirties. How did that happen? 😱

I've been working hard, and thinking about the future a lot, so what a better day than my birthday to tell you all about what's coming from me.

First of all I need to shout out to all the authors who have let me pick your brains in the last year, encouraged me to ask for support and reminded me of the important things whenever I needed to be reminded of them.

I hope I don't forget anyone but I can't not name some. So... Rhys Athanasiadis-Lawrence, George Loveland, AE Ryecart, Nora Phoenix, Kyleen Neuhold, Helen Juliet, Ed Davies, AK Faulkner, Lucy Lennox, Sloane Kennedy, Liam Livings, JP Kenwood, Jackie North, thank you so much for your kind words, support, whip cracking, laughter, and everything else to come. (I will edit this post if I've forgotten anyone!)

All the authors who in the last year have given their time to my reader group through your takeovers, thank you so much! Please keep coming, keep showing us your books, and when you figure out how we can all have cake over the internet, let me know!

To all the readers, supporters, fans, caffeine addicts... thank you so much for being here, being awesome and showing your support even at times of day when I'm pretty sure you should be sleeping in your time zone! ;)

Okay, so here goes... I've had more fun writing than in any job I've ever had. Explaining exactly how it makes me feel would take another long post so I'll leave it at... I love writing more than chocolate! Because of this, and in order to spend some much needed time with my family in Portugal and at our new house, I'm taking a year off from my day job from April 2020.

✨ I should have led the post with this, right? But if you've read my books you'll know I like a little bit of angst 🙃

My next book, How to Catch a Prince will be out on December 20, followed by How to Catch a Rival in January, and then the third book (yet unnamed) in the Chester Falls series in February. I also have other projects and ideas that will come to fruition in 2020 but at the moment I can't see past the next deadline so there will be a further post later in the year with all the plans.

🥂 Here's to a great year before I turn 40 🥂 Here's to more books for you 🥂 Here's to more family time and travels 🥂 Here's to our amazing community

(p.s.- this was me NOT procrastinating instead of writing another chapter of my wip 😆)

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