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The day I typed The End...

Each book I write has a similar process. I need to plot in order to start the book and know where I'm headed, but I can't plot it all because there's always some kind of distraction from the characters. Sometimes they tell me something else needs to happen, and sometimes I plot a chapter and then I realize I can tell that chapter in one paragraph.

The Fiancé wasn't different in that respect, except I change things around until almost the very end, which happened yesterday.

I'll be honest here. I've struggled writing this book. Usually as I get to the last two weeks before the book deadline I carve myself some alone time and finish the book. This time everything that could have happened, happened, including losing a tooth.

I wasn't defeated, and even with a slight change of deadline I managed to finish the book, which is now with the editor.

I love the Spencer family so much. From tomorrow I'll continue to share the chapters with the club members. Just remember that these chapters aren't edited and the final book will likely have additional scenes, parts removed and even some jiggling.

With the deadline of the book approaching I had to put a lot of things aside, one if them being the draw for June's member's exclusive prize, which I'm happy to announce goes to Mary V.

Mary will get a signed copy of Heartstring.

For July I have a special swag pack to offer. This weekend I'm off to London for RARE. I ordered some additional swag to give away....but I can't remember what I ordered. I'll post the details at some point this month.

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